◎ NOTED PRODUCT ・ SPECIALTY other specialty products, specialty Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture “black fish minced and steamed” specialty Yaizu

○ fish paste products were ground whole sardine and mackerel
“Fish minced and steamed black” is a boiled paste products that put the salt grinding whole body bone, skin and the sardine and mackerel. Yaizu Shizuoka Prefecture is famous mainly as a production center, has been widely used as a taste of the common people eat on a daily basis in Shizuoka Prefecture. There must also be put in the supermarket in Shizuoka Prefecture, and eat on a daily basis, “fish minced and steamed black” even citizens. Black fish minced and steamed in Shizuoka is common to differences in raw materials, in other regions has become a mainstream white fish minced and steamed.

○ How to eat “fish minced and steamed black”
To “black fish minced and steamed” There are a lot of ways of eating delicious. Of course, I’m also delicious eaten with a soy sauce as it is raw. Although the actual have already boiled even if it says raw, the taste of freshly revived if quick blanch a few minutes. I also recommend eating in soy sauce and wasabi ginger soy sauce. In addition, texture or fried in a pan, it was crunchy or baked in the oven can be tasted. Moreover, we also become an indispensable tool of ingredients “Shizuoka oden”, it has been widely popular in Shizuoka prefecture. Others are delicious, boiled or in, even if you fly. Although not issued to the sumptuous cuisine, it is a “black fish minced and steamed” What are issued casually on the table every day.

○ “black fish minced and steamed” equal “fish minced and steamed”
I do not know “only fish minced and steamed black” to “fish minced and steamed”, was born at the foot of Mount Fuji-san for “Fuji”. It is funny, I truly believe that until recently I saw something round and white in the pot Oden convenience is entering, “What 肉まん is. Would have entered in oden and”. I noticed for the first time “fish minced and steamed white” look when he has entered the list of goods prices. For those who Shizuoka prefecture, lived close to Yaizu, especially because it is the norm “fish minced and steamed black” is because the fish minced and steamed. Why are not the many residents Shizuoka became that the blame that fish minced and steamed black has been in the limelight gourmet Gotochi recent gourmet class B, shows the uniqueness of the fish minced and steamed black, know of the existence of fish minced and steamed white.

○ The origin of the “fish minced and steamed”
“Fish minced and steamed” is sometimes referred to halves, fish minced and steamed, rice cake and so on valve or half pike conger, theories also the origin of the name. First of all, there is a theory that is the origin of the “fish minced and steamed dishes” that have been put out as soup cook Hanbe the Edo period is mashed fish. There is also a theory that is served in a lunate semicircle because it makes using the lid of the bowl, and named from its shape. In addition, there is also a theory that originally because I was kind of rice cake with the raw material of surimi (Conger) as represented in the mochi pike conger pike conger. However, there is no conclusive evidence that any clear, I’m in disarray theories. We discussed that Nevertheless, the origin of the “fish minced and steamed” even “Mito Komon” That is a theory Hanbe, Hanbe theory might be the most influential. We also support the theory Hanbe “Mr. Fuji” is a place that I want to show the pillbox of Mito Komon those who disagree (laughs).

○ the difference between “fish minced and steamed white” and “black fish minced and steamed”
There are several differences between the “fish minced and steamed white” and “black fish minced and steamed,” The biggest difference is the raw material. “Black fish minced and steamed” whereas you’re using mackerel and sardines, “fish minced and steamed white” is using white fish such as pollock. Because that kneaded whole body and bone as well fish, the color black, “black fish minced and steamed” may crunchy. On the other hand, the “fish minced and steamed white” is also kneaded yam and egg white and fish only, he has become a soft texture and are plump. Half a month, while a black mold halves, is often a rectangle or square shape white. In addition, Shizuoka Prefecture, whereas black has been mainly produced in Yaizu, white is produced in many parts of the original Tokyo, Kanagawa, in the Kansai region. I say white mainstream Speaking of “fish minced and steamed” over the country, black and rare.

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