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○ farmer ‘s market manufacturing wasabi Amagi Izu founded in 1905
Founded 1905, Yamamoto food is wasabi shop Mishima has a history of more than 100 years. I’m making a horseradish dipping to use the spirit of the Izu also say “wasabi Amagi”, using the finest lees. I’m going to be consistent from the production of wasabi production, and sales. “Wasabi zuke” born of the unique gem from the very well-established tradition and technology for many years. There are many related products such as “wasabi dressing”, “Yokan wasabi”, “wasabi mayonnaise” In addition to the wasabi dip. Mishima’s headquarters plant in wasabi can visit the production site Wasabizuke and sells fresh tasting products. I have no doubt that Wasabi immersed flagship, it is a popular flavor was tangy and spicy taste of wasabi also “wasabi ice cream.” There is a “Village of wasabi Gotemba” in Gotemba, wasabi cultivation in-house, we also sell. Has been growing at about 30 000 books wasabi wasabi fields of 900 square meters, you can also tour the fields in front of the store wasabi spread. You can try and look at the state of wasabi cultivation walking in the wood deck of 80m, feel the grace of nature at the foot of Mt Fuji.

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Mishima Taisha garden easier 寿 group Kakita River spring water station in the village of Izu


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