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pig full of energy that grew up grazing Asagirikogen
Asagiri grazing pig” is a pig full of energy that graze freely and grew up in the wilderness of Asagirikogen. But good to hear that the grazing of cattle, I have never heard much of that grazing of pigs. However, even small pig barn, I would feel the same stress in cattle and pig house. It is not good for the quality of the milk cows accumulated stress, as is the meat. No delicious pig meat is unhealthy state. Asagiri grazing pig” is a pork grew up in an environment favorable to the health of Asagirikogen. Since grazing pig grow without stress in nature and require no antibiotic. I sometimes eat the food or mixed with antibiotics because the vgz8x="265">bacteria in the pig house is easy to breed and narrow, there is no such thing in the case of grazing pigs. Freely running around the ranch, I sleep and eat freely. I have grown in very stress-free environment.

shop where you can buy a “pig grazing
Fewer shipments pig “grazing, I will not be able to buy only in limited locations. Industry YA Man of the butcher of Fujinomiya, butcher” Shimizu of Fuji City, in the Isetan Shizuoka shop Shizuoka Co., only such as “butcher shop Oishi“, “castle Flowers Meat & Deli in Shizuoka can not buy. Since there is if you have a small amount of stock in these stores, who want to get certainly had better inquire in advance is advisable.

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