◎ HOT SPRING hot spring spa neglect Yatsubo Yamanashi Yamanashi Prefecture

○ “Onsen neglect” of popular
It is a hot spring that is as hot springs where you can watch stunning, became very famous. Taken up as hot water or in the name of a travel magazine, seems to have spread by word of mouth, but now I got enough to be folded and tourism as well, such as “hot spring tour neglect.” I also hear a reputation like that, I we have done. It seems some people do not know where that hesitation, there was no hesitation. Briefly, at the top of the hill which aims to Isawa Onsen, went through the tunnel in the direction Karisaka the “park Fuefukigawa fruit.” No. 358 national highway passing through the line of Lake Shoji, aims to Isawa Onsen from National Highway No. 20, from the Fuji Five Lakes, running toward the tunnel Karisaka on line 140 national highway. After a while, I line up the fruit that leads to the park Fuefukigawa fruit. To which the fruit through the park, up the hill there is a “hot spring LDK”.

○ 露天風呂 a superb view is visible
Well, the biggest attraction is the hot springs, the reason became famous hot spring “neglect” is a superb view seen from the open-air bath. When I visited, I was serena weather as far as the eye can see. Weather permitting, worshiped mountains, overlooking the town to Mount Fuji, around the front, while immersed in the bath. It’s hard to understand, I will be most attractive feature of this spa does not have to go and enjoy a nice day. So, should I go on the day of fine weather as much as possible is a good idea.

○ “neglect Onsen” The origin of the name of it?
However, the appeal of a hot spring is not the only view. And is indescribably funny name “温泉 neglect”, I’m certainly characteristic of this hot spring. If you pay the fee at the door, put the hot springs after freely inside. There is Uchiburo, still the main open-air bath. I feel like to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, are in the top of the hill in a quiet secret hot spring. I have not put too watch, I can relax comfortably forget the time in nature. State’s “LDK”, exactly.

○ Hot Springs real これぞ
In this way, what Isn hot springs in the real sense of the term is “hot neglect.” There are many kinds of bath, large spa leisure facilities of the epidemic, luxurious massage facilities, sauna, restaurant, karaoke, and fitness have now provided. Sure, it’s great but it’s real charm can be said to be in hot spring bath and landscape. I think, and I is not got the sense that popular hot spring “neglect” can see a wonderful view at this open-air bath. If you are interested sprang, why not try to go by all means.

○ More Information

  1669-18 Yatsubo Yamanashi Yamanashi Prefecture
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 22:00
  700 yen for adults
  A day, seven days a week
  150 units
  Get off to the park fruit Fuefukigawa Katsunuma Chuo IC, National Highway No. 20, County Road 303 through the issue. To the top of the mountain in the park

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Fruit park Fuefukigawa


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