◎ HOT SPRING Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka Onsen village yu “Red Fuji” Yamanaka Onsen

○ spa where you can watch “Red Fuji” Fuji Akai
Located on Route 138 near the national highway Yamanakako, even more than the rich hot spring facilities, “water of the Red Fuji” is a popular hot spring where you can see the “Red Fuji” Fuji scarlet. As the name suggests, Fuji seen from the spa is nice, but a fraction of the time of day, such as at dusk, you can see the beautiful “Red Fuji” weather permitting. Fuji even if it is not red, you can soak in the outdoor hot tub while overlooking the majestic Mount Fuji in front, of course, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

○ scenery visible from the open-air bath of the seasons
Covered “Hinoki bath” or “Ishifuro” will have been set up in the gardens in the open-air bath centerpiece of “Red Fuji-no-yu” is More than anything, has been very widely developed. The view from its open-air bath, show me the pattern of the seasons. You can worship the white Fuji Yukigesho per one side of the winter you can look across the fresh green of Mount Fuji and visit in the spring and in the fall, and the Fuji over the beautiful foliage. During the winter, snow has piled up, and the outside air is used to warm cold it may be hot, the warmth of the hot spring to mind of the body especially Shimiwataru. While touching the clear air of the outside, and is immersed in warm water, I’m relaxed enough to forget time. Of course not limited to winter, spring, summer, autumn in each, a different view, gives us the fun is the “water of the Red Fuji”.

露天 Ishifuro 露天風呂 露天風呂 Fuji I saw from Uchiburo

○ “sauna” and “Uchiburo” was spacious and comfortable
It is a bath that’s great as well as the views of the “water of the Red Fuji” is spacious and comfortable. Splendor of the “open-air bath” has become a great building “Uchiburo”, but as I already introduce. Other “hot water source paint”, “bubble bath”, “let hot water hit”, “hot bed” “(Jet bus) douche bath”, “full bath” is effective massage, “Uchiburo” is ” Although the variety of sauna bath steam bath (dry sauna) “, and” (mist sauna) “, has been built with spacious any. In size and does not feel as cramped as the two, thirty people well into the once majestic views of Mount Fuji before the visible front, full bath in the middle of bliss can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner, especially when.

○ After soaking in the hot spring, how about dining in hall?
Greatest pleasure is itself came to Hot Springs Hot Springs, it is one of the fun to go to the onsen also the subsequent meal. Dining hall is turned, “Red Fuji-no-yu” is you can eat while relaxing comfortably in the table on the tatami. Size is quite a bit, I think is probably the sit is ranked 100 people. Since the spacious too, I have a lot of people who lie down to rest after meals.

○ affordable dining menu and extensive
Canteen yu “Red Fuji” is available at an extra handy menu also abundant. From simple noodles, I’m dealing with a variety of dishes to Hoto curry, donburi and Yamanashi specialties. Dining room, which has become all self-service, is like you’re in the game, “charge” and “taste” the minute. Although I ordered the “fried noodles” I, not to be made to wait at length, I was able to quickly receive. Fee is 400 yen and it was cheap, The taste was very delicious and inversely proportional to the price.

○ fulfilling various related facilities
Various facilities are substantial addition to the “cafeteria” or “hot”, the “water of the Red Fuji”. “Massage Corner” me Hogushi is sold, of course, Yamanashi Prefecture, local souvenirs related Yamanakako also “shop” the body warm up in the hot spring was soft. In addition, there is also a “corner” Break a handy when you want to watch TV when you go back a little and wait. And “Game Corner” have been put, it is like “Shikisai” Western-style restaurant, not the parlor games of various kinds of other family fun. In addition, families and groups to stay because there is room hire at extra cost, it is very convenient.

Massage massage corner corner corner break retail stores

○ OVERALL: Let me once come along!
Yu “Red Fuji” is recommended for a comprehensive spa great. While leaving the convenience of access, or it would not be “the most attractive” of intimate and spacious facility is loose anyway. I think Golden Week, Bon holiday, New Year, etc., but will most likely turnout of course, the usual weekday, be uncomfortable If you visit on the weekend is unlikely. Uchiburo spacious, open-air bath is an open feel, with a large dining hall you can rest, relax and leisurely meal also. It is also a hot spring once by all means I want to visit as the name of the “Red Fuji-no-yu”, because it is the best view. Springs would want to come also came at a time, but it is what yu “Red Fuji” But this.

○ More Information

  Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka 865-776 Yamanakako village
Opening Hours
  (Reception final at 8:30 pm) from 10 am to 9 pm
  December to March winter only (only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  (Reception final at 8:30 pm) from 6 am to 9 pm
  Less than elementary school students \ 700 \ 500 \ 200 elementary school students free large people
  (July and August a day, seven days a week, year-end and New Year holidays) Operating every Tuesday
  ① Tomei Gotemba IC → R138 → A I Subashiri → (min 15), C → R138 Yamanakako → (15 minutes)
  I Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko → ②, Fuji Five Lake Road east C → I. Yamanaka → (10 minutes) C.

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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