◎ HOT SPRING Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka Onsen village “Ishiwari yu hot spring” plain Yamanakako

○ water just name hidden from the shores of Lake Yamanaka
“Ishiwari yu hot spring” plain Yamanakako, are Tucked away along Route 413 to the Doshi highway exit from the shores of Lake Yamanaka in the Northeast. Is a small but wonderful spa facility. Rather than springs for the majority of tourists, it was a spa-like atmosphere that the place of rest for the people of the village. It is not a national highway along Route 139,138 over the Fuji Five Lakes also in place, I get the impression that is not so touristy.

○ brick building full of emotional cypress
One of the greatest features of “yu Ishiwari” is a wonderful wooden buildings. The building has become a style of architecture that was used cypress and chestnut material abundance, good taste gently greeted everyone who visits us. Indeed full of emotion, the whole building, exudes a relaxing atmosphere in a relaxed manner. Not you like many years passed since the building, pillar It’s beautiful, in a building and it is a great building to smell of wood. In the site, which is surrounded by forests of northeastern shores of Lake Yamanaka from, I have been built in harmony with the surrounding environment.

○ overlooking the surrounding scenery from the top floor of the atrium lobby
I recommend that the ideal for visitors wanting a great wooden building, climb to the top floor of the atrium lobby. Through the entrance of the building, there is a rest area and shop in the lobby with a reception desk, on the floor resting place has become a broad outlook and climb the spiral staircase in the middle. Overlooking the surrounding nature, Mount Fuji is visible through the window if the weather is good. Sunny so good, Attamaru warm, I would just sleep for a short time. Since a fairly steep stairs might be a little tight for the faint of legs, I want to enjoy the view from the observatory miss this if all others.

○ Japanese cypress bath luxurious
For spa, this is great also. There are quite a few with the type of bath, include “露天 Hinoki bath”, “bath 露天 rock”, “warm spring”, “sauna”, “big bath”, “let hot water hit.” As described above, the structure of this spa facility is especially recommended is “cypress open-air bath”, so we had stuck to a tree. Upon air in the open air, and are warm in the bath with a beautiful cypress roof, I can feel like you’re staying at luxury hotels something. I think I have visited in the depths of winter January or February, it’s still hot, the winter time soak in a warm bath in the cold outside and in the open air You’re the best.

○ cheap and delicious dining hot spring
In the dining room is located in the spa facilities are offered good food at reasonable prices. Because the hot springs, such as welfare facilities originally villagers, the price is quite cheap I have not been so touristy, do we feel like not profit-oriented. Menu is a refreshment center there from a few knobs of liquor noodles udon, soba, and ramen, and several types of donburi, it is just something delicious.

○ “Udon, Soba Ishiwari” specialty
Recommended cafeteria is “Udon, Soba Ishiwari” tool meat, wild vegetables, fried tofu, and vegetables are a lot of special soba (\ 420, February 2005). There are a lot of amount, tummy bulge I just this. The dining room is often combined with the hot spring, spa menu in the dining room is usually the most high. However, relatively inexpensive, folksy feel of the hot water in the cafeteria of this Ishiwari I did.

○ OVERALL: hot hidden Yamanashi, “Ishiwari yu yu” name
“Ishiwari yu hot spring” plain Yamanakako is highly recommended as a well-known hot spring hidden in the northeast Yamanakako. There is a surface which is hard to go a little difficult to catch the attention of place, because it is not in the national highway along the Fuji Five Lakes, I think it’s a best-kept secret hot spring that minute. It is perfect for those who have already done most hot springs, and hot springs or those who just say no tourists, atmosphere buzz-buzz of a large number of adults in the building called weak. I think Bon and New Year and summer tourist season is indeed crowded, not crowded and fairly non-season weekends, and even if on weekdays. In the silence of the surrounding wilderness, soak in hot water for forget the hustle and bustle of the city is the luxury of the best. It is also recommended in the village of the same Yamanakako yu “Red Fuji”, because there is also a different charm “yu Ishiwari this” How about I try to go once by all means.

○ More Information

  Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture village Yamanakako Hirano 1450
  Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Yamanakako
Overview of Facilities
  Observation room floor break room 2 ⑭ ⑬ ⑫ courtyard corner snack shop ⑨ ⑩ ⑪ reception lobby entrance ⑦ ⑧ ⑥ locker room sauna bath cypress ⑤ ④ ③ sleep Yu Yu painted 露天風呂 ① ② source
Opening Hours
  Admission accepted until 10:00 ~ 21:00 ※ 20:30
  December 31, (open holidays, July and August) January 1 every Thursday
Usage fee
  700 yen for adults and 500 yen students, 200 yen Children
  Under investigation

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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