◎ HOT SPRING hot Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi “meteoric” Notenburo

○ I have charm “露天風呂” I made a combination of Oiwa
It is a hot spring that is located behind the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi of “one bamboo Kubota Art Museum.” You can heal the fatigue of the journey and the chopper at the day spa. In the open-air bath made of natural rock, eyeball taste like atmosphere Noten was released in the environment and the quiet of the surroundings. Potent neuralgia, muscle pain, and fatigue recovery – “Fountain sodium chloride, calcium sulfate” quality fountain. Uchiburo facilities, places to eat, rest room, room rental, etc., one of the street are available.

○ rich natural open-air bath surrounded by forest
The biggest attraction of the “meteoric” Notenburo is also 露天風呂 say. Rather than open-air bath, it is a feeling that “Notenburo” in nature as the name of the hot springs. Perimeter is surrounded by forest in the bath made of natural rock. Equipped with a roof of wooden cypress I do not know whether to rock bath, you can feel free to enjoy even in the rain. Hot rock bath, bath walking, two (one jacuzzi), you let hit the sauna to stall.

○ You can buy a hot spring in the “stand-Onsen”
“Stand Hot Springs” near the building have been installed in the “meteoric” Notenburo. As well as the sale of kerosene self, spa automatic vending machines will “stand hot spring” can be put in the hot springs of 10 l 100 yen to bring your own container. I mean you can enjoy in the bath at home and bring back the dug up land prices from 1500 m “of meteoric water Kawaguchiko Onsen.” The effect is that the hot spring with sufficient enter diluted with 20 l Some bath home. We are also selling the container at the reception, try to use all means those who want to enjoy the hot spring at home.

○ “rice Kappa” specialty Kawaguchiko
You can eat “rice Kappa” of class B of Kawaguchiko Gotouchi gourmet restaurant “meteoric” Notenburo. “Rice Kappa” is a “specialty Kawaguchiko” born in honor of the legendary Kappa transmitted around the Kawaguchiko. “Kappa rice” is what’s on top of the rice warm topped with grated yam “laver tick” and “pickled cucumber” “yam (or Yamatoimo)”. Are sold in sets of buckwheat noodles or a “rice Kappa” in the restaurant of the “meteoric”. Store issuing the “rice Kappa” in the vicinity Kawaguchiko is nearly 50 stores, each store is also various seasoning and toppings.

○ 200 yen off “coupons web”
Bathing fee “meteoric” Notenburo is 1,000 yen, 200 yen discount on it if you use the “discount coupon web”. Because it provides a discount voucher on the homepage of the “meteoric”, when available we will send out to the receptionist to print out. It also provides discount tickets for each facility “Kawaguchiko Museum Teddy Bear”, “Group-yu Notenburo luck”, “Onsenji Kawaguchiko” in HP.

○ More Information

  Mizuguchi 2217-1 estuary Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 22:00
  A day, seven days a week
  Under investigation
  Adult 1,000 yen, Children 700 yen

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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