◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant Kamikobayashi Gotemba Gotemba Township of wasabi

○ shop where you can enjoy views of the cultivation of wasabi horseradish
“Township of wasabi” in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, is the headquarters tourist facilities wasabi products food “Yamamoto” There is a run on Mishima founded in 1905. On-site there is a “Sawa wasabi” that wasabi cultivation of about 30 000 books to 900 square meters. If exploring the deck of the “Sawa wasabi” in about 80m, you can look at the landscape of wasabi cultivation eye and the tip of the nose. Lined with various items in the shop using wasabi. Are sold, and so on of course anything that fits the “wasabi zuke”, and “sprinkled wasabi”, “grated wasabi”, is compatible with the wasabi. There is also a terrace break, you can eat “soft wasabi” classic.

○ “soft wasabi” specialty
Break at the shop next to the terrace located in the facility “Township of wasabi” is serving “soft wasabi” specialty. I tried to eat to try Mr. “Mount Fuji”, I was quite delicious and there is a moderate aroma of spicy wasabi without too tightly. There is also a little spicy because it uses the wasabi, is an article that I want to keep pressing “Township of wasabi” still came.

○ do an assortment of wasabi in the shop
“Township of wasabi” Since the farm is a facility that specializes in horseradish, wasabi-related products are also arranged at the shop. There are a number of products including the “wasabi zuke” classic, using “or miso wasabi”, “glue horseradish” wasabi and “sprinkled wasabi”. There are also products such as “wasabi rice crackers” and “wasabi dressing” and “wasabi mayonnaise” other. Is full of products that make use of their own ideas while food Yamamoto ray of wasabi tradition.

○ More Information
Township of wasabi

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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