◎ HOT SPRING County Higashiyamanashi Katsunuma spa town, Yamanashi Prefecture yu “in the sky” municipal Katsunuma

○ spa overlooking the town Katsunuma
It is a municipal hot springs located on the grounds of the “hill of grapes” in the town Katsunuma Yamanashi Prefecture. Located on top of a hill, it is a natural hot spring open-minded alkali with views and spacious. The view from the sky like though, because it overlooks the town below Katsunuma, vista views from its location, which is called “hot water in the sky.” The biggest feature of “hot water in the Sky” is the view from the top of the hill you can see from the open-air bath. Spread on one side of the town below Katsunuma, expansive views of the Southern Alps and the Kofu Basin is just breathtaking. Spa itself is located on the second floor of the building, there is hot water and mist sauna, Uchiyu, sleep open-air bath. New facility still seems pretty clean. Hot spring itself, which is a simple spring of alkaline hot spring “normal”, given the view from the hot springs, it is likely to be a very attractive spa.

○ 露天風呂 of 夜景
As well as the guests, the most visitors also recommended bathing day is the open-air bath at night. In the daytime daytime, but to overlook the distant mountains from vineyards just below, you can look at the streets of the night Katsunuma neon shines at night. Yu “in the sky” because it is open until 10 pm, you can enjoy the night view in day-tripper. I stop by from afar is difficult, open-air bath is recommended by all means if there is a chance of the night view.

○ refreshment lounge on the first floor
There is one floor cafeteria, so that it is snacks. Although the dining room is quite large, there were only as simple as ramen noodles and beef bowl knob, noodles, such as buckwheat, rice balls, beer and menu. Although I ate buckwheat Admittedly, such as high or a little to taste and rate assignment was thoughts. “Lounge snack” is widely, however, from the windows you can enjoy a wonderful view from the hill. Also, I think it is put massage chair etc., enough to rest a solution to people other than the driver and the guests to have a drink while taking a bath.

○ guests is available free of charge
This is a hot water bath in the sky stop of course, but it seems to be also used as a spa for hotel guests on-site “hill of grapes.” I do not know because I have not stayed at the hotel, there is nothing like a hot spring in the hotel itself, you seem to make use of the “hot water in the sky this”. This point is the same as using the “quivering water vista Fuji” Guests of “holiday village” Fuji. Main “hill of grapes” is probably still shop and basement wine-curve, “water of the sky” in the sense that this is also recommended relieve the weariness of the journey along the way. I think I better stop at the hill of the grapes, and I even try Tsuka~tsu in hot water if you have time.

○ More Information

  5093 Hishiyama hill grape Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture town Katsunuma
Opening Hours
  (9:00 pm reception last) 8 am to 10 pm
  Open all year round (except for facility inspection date)
Usage fee
  600 yen for adults and 300 yen Children

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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