◎ HOT SPRING hot Koseki Kofu, Yamanashi Fureai Center on the nine-yu

○ Hot Springs Municipal Lake Shoji along the line
No. 358 national highway to exit from Lake Shoji Kofu, is the hot springs (village Kamikuishiki old) Koseki Kofu is located along line “Lake Shoji aka”. Spring quality is – “calcium-sodium sulfate hot spring”, is equipped with all facilities Ichi-tori hot water, sauna and public bath, open-air bath, let hit. Next to the old town hall Kamikuishiki, it is a spa-like atmosphere of the municipal social welfare facilities. Citizens as well as, of course, is also possible general bathing. 300 yen for adults and 100 yen for elementary and junior high school students but if Kofu citizen rates are available for 700 yen for adults and 300 yen for elementary and junior high school students in the case of private code. After 5:00 pm, I will be $ 500 for adults. But not any time limit, you can also use up to closing time. If so you can bathe in only 300 yen citizen, often is characterized by the use of local customers.

○ Stand Hot Springs
There is a “stand-Onsen” property is “on the nine-yu”, you can buy 10 liters from £ 10. To purchase kerosene in a self-stand, you will be able to operate the vending machine on your own, such as a place to bring their own tanks. Although you can not drinking, I’m the best to soak in a hot spring at home. Since the stand has been installed outside the building, you can freely buy property even if they are not passengers.

○ open-air bath surrounded by a wall
Is in abundant natural hot springs surrounded by clean air of the valley and mountains Ashikawa “yu on nine.” I have a hot spring in the environment that enables forest bathing, scenery can not be seen at all from the open-air bath in very unfortunately. I have one of each gender outdoor bath, have been so completely surrounded by a concrete wall around, it does not mean that we can bathe while enjoying the natural beauty of the valley. Maximum enjoyment of open-air bath is the view also. I thought it is a shame to located in a privileged natural environment so “hot water of the nine top”.

○ health and welfare facilities for the citizens
Etc. There is also the facility for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities “on the nine-yu”, the entire facility for better health and welfare of the citizens may be appropriate. Citizens for 300 yen, there is a fairly open and also long-distance charges people 700 yen. As symbolized by the open-air bath surrounded by a wall, or rather just for tourists, but I get the impression that there is no commercial facilities. Of course, if it also plans to give top priority to health and welfare of the citizens, I was thinking while in the financial problems of local governments Taningoto worsening in recent years, and I wonder if this may be the remains.

○ More Information

  Koseki town Kofu, Yamanashi 1174
  Kofu website
Overview of Facilities
  Utase hot water, cold-water bath (one each for men and women), (1 each for men and women), sauna and outdoor hot spring baths,
  Pool, Jacuzzi touch
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 20:00
  (In the case of a public holiday holiday the previous day) Thursday
  Under investigation
  700 yen for adults and 300 yen 500 yen adult child (17:00)

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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