◎ HOT SPRING County Shibakawa Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, hot spring town “Yutorio” hot new Ineko river

○ “hot springs Shibakawa” boasts a steadfast popularity but inconvenient access
The combination of a trio of “spa pool”, “open-air bath”, “Uchiburo and” U “Yutorio (U-trio)” of “Yu”, “ease”, “hot water” is that it is the origin of the name. Shibakawa town is in the mountains with north on Route 52 highway across the Fujikawa from Highway 1, is a treasure house of nature, I am very little access. Nevertheless, the fact that this hot spring facility is fulfilling, I’m proud to present a solid popularity. You can relax while soaking in a hot spring in “spa pool” of common men and women, in the open-air bath and relax comfortably while I breathe the fresh air of the mountains. I am “Yutorio” is to enjoy the hot springs of contact with nature while Shibakawa.

○ men and women of all ages can enjoy a heated pool
Facility of the appeal of “Yutorio” is a heated swimming pool wearing swimsuits. Is it safe in the winter cold “heated pool” is available throughout the year, so that the water temperature is kept constant. And the like sauna bath, Jacuzzi and sleep, the heated pool is a space walk as well as a pool to swim in earnest, was put a pebble on the bottom of the pool for health promotion, heated pool in earnest that you can also use for a long time is. Used in hot water or sleep comfortably in the warm water, warm bath or try to walk for health massage, “heated pool”, and there are ways to enjoy various swim legs stretched out comfortably.

○ “open-air bath”, “Uchiburo” charm
Spring quality of “Yutorio” is – in the hot springs called “calcium-sodium chloride hot spring”, is a hot spring and warm from the core of the body warm even after bathing. (Please check local details), such as “through” muscle, “neuralgia” Indications are that many. It is also attractive heated pool, the biggest attraction is the hot spring bath too. You can “Yutorio” has “open-air bath” and “Uchiburo” each gender may spring quality, enter at home. “Open-air bath”, but can also be higher, so exposed to air in a little lukewarm water, “Uchiburo” can be a hot spring bath while enjoying the views and outside air.

○ resting place of leisurely and relaxing salon
The resting place of the “Yutorio” are very large, which is a hall seating more than 100 people at least. Passage to the side of the bath has become a resting place from the main entrance, has dozens of tables arranged on top of the tatami, we relax slowly spread a cushion. In one corner of the service is also the resting place of the tea-free water, you can spend time in a meaningful way of taking a bath. Weekends and holidays truly seems to be crowded, so during the day on weekdays relatively empty, you can relax in the mood charter. Moreover, because of the landscape can be seen in the foreground Shibakawa garden and distant from the rest area, while enjoying the quiet mountain emotion, we spend time healing.

○ More Information

  Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture County town Kamiinako 1219 Shibakawa
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 20:00
  (Closed on Wednesday, June 2 to 6, May 30, in the case of a public holiday Closed Sun January to 1 December 25) Thursday
  Free 150 units
  No. 469 national highway northward northing 8km 25km, I passed Sawahashi Mansingh Tomizawa from the entrance of the National Highway No. 52
  Adults 500 yen an hour and a half, $ 2.50 children
  Adult 1,000 yen for 3 hours, $ 5 children
  Adult 1,500 yen per day, children 750 yen

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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