◎ HOT SPRING hot Okamiya Numazu “Manyo no Yu Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu

○ luxury resort that is the source of the hot springs carrying Yugawara
“Manyo no Yu Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu is a genuine hot spring that you are carrying a source of hot spring gushing from 800 meters underground in Yugawara Kanagawa Prefecture. Speaking of the spa facilities, and typically has a public bath or simply boil the tap water in the immediate vicinity of the land can be gushing source, neither is “yu Manyo”. But does not mean withholding is gushing in Okamiya Numazu, there is a facility, it is’re the hot springs if you can believe it, carrying the “温泉 Yugawara” hot name that is known as the “water of beauty.” It is twice daily, transporting a total of 40 tons of hot tank truck, and that accumulated in the circulating process water storage tank of 130 tons in the facility. This very luxurious facilities, it also offers a high-quality hot spring in the land that does not have hot springs that is the “Yu Manyo this”.

○ “Gourmet Numazu Station Road”
“Yu Manyo” Numazu on the western side was about one kilometer south towards Highway 1 from Tomei Expressway Numazu Inter. Located in the same building as the “Gourmet Numazu Station Road,” one of the largest drive-in Izu area, 1st floor, located on the second floor is “yu Manyo” is “Station Road Gourmet.” In the drive-in, which is also a huge 800 square meters made the theme here, there is a large parking lot can accommodate 24 cars and 250 standard car station “Road Gourmet” While there is a small Izu. Extensive product stocks around the harbor and seafood Izu Numazu, get almost all the nearby souvenir. There is also a restaurant on site, there is also a sushi shop and cafe using seasonal seafood Izu.

Cypress open-air garden open-air bath baths bath

○ Yugawara quality hot spring rich in species
The biggest attraction of the “Yu Manyo” is “using a hot water bath in Yugawara fine” even say anything. Splendor of the “hot Yugawara” Although, as already mentioned, suitable for hot spring bath worthy of its quality are made. “Big bath” of Uchiburo is about the size of dozens of people can bathe in comfort and are made very wide. When I go out, there is a spacious open-air bath which also widely. In addition, you can taste the “Japanese space” has become a concept of “yu Manyo” here. You can spend time healing forget the hustle and bustle of the city in the bath covered with a “bath cypress 露天” near the Japanese garden of the building that has been refined and used everywhere in the cypress.

○ spacious and relaxing day spa facility
Hot Springs is made on the assumption that the hot water rather than “Yu Manyo” The drop in, relax relaxing day. Even more than fullness of bath, dining processing facility, break room, rental room, relaxation room, massage, Spa, Kids Land, game plaza, such as the Internet, other than the hot corner has been very fulfilling. Soak in the hot springs, to eat, get a massage, watching TV in the break room, using the internet, enjoy the game corner UFO catcher. I go into the sauna and soak in the hot springs also, for a while I do. Forget the location of the crowded city of Numazu, is “Yu Manyo” one day of relaxing comfortably on without worrying about the passage of time. It is of course also come during the day to enjoy a holiday, it is a perfect spot to heal your tired body after work.

Internet Corner Game Corner Plaza Massage eating facility

○ You can stay there is no accommodation
If you pay an additional fee at midnight, so you can stay until 9:00 the next morning at 3:00 after midnight, “Yu Manyo” is also the place you stay a little. There is a room in a facility that relax room, where you can also spend the night as well as nap. There is a reclining chair in the room have a number of dim, you can sleep with the help of built-blanket. It is inconvenient to stay because there is no bed in a private room, not like the hotel, is recommended for those who want a place to stay at a reasonable price, even somewhat inconvenient or no accommodation booked.

○ Admission fee is only a little more expensive luxury facility
As mentioned above, “Yu Manyo Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu is fantastic facilities, the minute rates are a little more expensive. You can stay with plenty of day must pay the admission fee, adults are not very cheap 1,600 yen. Where opinion is split by a human, or high or low admission fee also depends on the usage of each individual course. For the user, I think a reasonable price to pay for the morning or something return midnight come a relaxing day or evening with families. On the other hand, for those who care to use as hot water position is 2-3 hours it comes to price a little too good. Since I am of the latter category, etc., I feel a little more expensive. However, because the facility itself, such as “Yu Manyo this”, are made as the target customers of the former long leisurely relax, admission may not be valid. I felt That said, hope that if there is a separate fee is also available for a short period of time to grab a wide range of audiences.

○ admission fee services other than it?
Furthermore, it is also a little more expensive variety of different service fees and admission fees. As for dining, there is an authentic cuisine from light snacks such as sushi, value seems to truly put any. Of course, we will not make use of places to eat are only visitors. Few users inevitably, it seems to become higher price. It is also higher than the admission fee of course a variety of massages and esthetic. Besides, massage chair and charges are applicable. I was very sorry despite a decent paying admission, will have to pay and a massage chair. But it was all you can eat for free and or “Land Suruga health” “Hana-no-yu Onsen Fugaku”, for me this was like a massage subject to deduction.

○ OVERALL: spending time gorgeous, “full facilities” space “sum”, “spa quality”
“Manyo no Yu Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu, you can spend the time of bliss and abundant facilities, space and sophistication of the sum that has been using a source of hot spring spa Yugawara. Not only can enter into a real hot spring facilities has been very fulfilling and relaxing like a day in a relaxed manner. It is a spa where you can forget the daily rush, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spend a leisurely time of rest and relaxation. Although not suitable for hot water and drop in the chopper, I once in a while it is recommended to those who want to spend a leisurely.

○ More Information

  1208-1 Okamiya Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 410-0011
Opening Hours
  9:00 – 10 am next morning 23 hours a day
  7 days a week
  ② ① passenger bus 24 to 250 units
  Down the Tomei Expressway Numazu IC ①, wire inter Numazu Numazu IC towards Route 1 1.2km ② straight

Admission fee set Marutoku
Adults (Junior high school students and older) \ 1,600 on weekdays
Children 750 yen (elementary school)
Infant \ 550 (~ 3 years old preschooler)
Adult weekends and holidays (at least junior high school) 2,100 yen
(Elementary school) 1,000 yen Children
Infant 650 yen (~ 3 years old preschooler)
Prices midnight
Adults (Junior high school students and older) \ 1,250
Children 550 yen (elementary school)
Free ※ under the age of 3

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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