◎ HOT SPRING healthy foot spa Suyama Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture Park

○ natural hot springs at the foot of Mt Fuji
Access from Highway 469 national highway that connects the capital Fujinomiya Gotemba Inter-foot or from natural hot springs at the foot of Mount Fuji Tomei is easy. Is “(hot spring ingredient is dark) hypertonic hot”, including 22 kinds of components – “hot calcium chloride and sodium” quality fountain. Potent neuralgia, muscular pain, poor circulation, and fatigue. Plenty of open-air bath, Uchiburo, family bath, pool or other facilities as well, but it is full of local color delicious food.

○ 3 hours full charge of bathing
Charges of “supporting Healthy Park” is $ 500 in three hours. If the use of only 500 yen is bath, hot spring bath for 3 hours at 500 yen can nowadays is rare. Again, whether such because they are operated as public facilities Susono, this price is perfect. “Badezon” It takes 500 yen for 3 hours at extra cost, if you use both it will be $ 800 in 3 hours. If you want to extend I pay extra every hour. There is also a voucher for one day, of course, is \ 1,300 \ 1,000 cases, of both available.

○ Health Promotion in the “Badezon”
Hot spring facility in Susono has entrusted the operation to the designated administrator, “Supporting Healthy Park” is run doubles as promoting health and welfare of the citizens of the city as a public facility. The facility is to become like you can break in, “Jacuzzi” movement and play in the “pool exercise pool” or “pool water”, is the “Badezon” there is more than one “Bade Pool” I adopt the spa treatment. Temperature of the pool is not too hot nor too cold, because you have set for each exercise and rest, you will be able to use slowly over time. “Badezon” wearing a hat, bathing suit is a must in the unisex, which can be rented otherwise.

○ 露天風呂 that will be healed in the view of Fuji
“Supporting Healthy Park” is a good choice for open-air bath where you can enjoy a view of Fuji. There is “yu” Hakone and a soak in the hot springs can be seen from the front, while Mount Fuji “Fuji-no-yu”, able to see Mount Fuji and Hakone, is located on the side Ashitakayama “Ashi-daka yu”. In 2005 I also recommend “yu Hoei” of the newly created open-air bath. In this hot hot hot man and a woman have been replaced in the day, that is what I want to use the bath for us all to visit more than once.

○ a greasy spoon restaurant delicious
Of “supporting Healthy Park” “(fortune) happy restaurant” is a greasy spoon assortment noodles, bowls, and meal offers a cheap and delicious meal. Spa facility because it is a public facility Susono have to specify management Susono Foundation Development Corporation, a public facility shades darker restaurant, price setting is becoming lower. Is open until 8:30 pm on the verge of closing from 11 am, you can use the convenient lunch and dinner. Ramen, soba, curry, from such as tendon, which is very kind cheap meal and also from 500 yen menu. It is also sold “dumpling of skirt” class B as familiar in the gourmet a la carte, and an assortment of go satisfy patrons from afar.

○ More Information

  Suyama 3408 Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture
  Under investigation
Overview of Facilities
  Uchiburo, open-air bath, Badezon wear swimwear,
  Restaurants, function rooms, shops, vending machine
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 20:30
  Thursday (in the case of holiday, the next day)
  Inter-foot 8-minute drive from Tomei Expressway
  Bathing fee (up to 3 hours) Adults 500 yen, 250 yen Children
  Baade zone set (up to 3 hours) 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for Children

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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