◎ “hot mother” Heavenly Mount Fuji Onsen HOT SPRING Yamamiya Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture (also Ann Yu)

○ Tron natural hot springs, a popular herb bath
Tron is a natural hot spring is located on Route 71 prefectural road that connects the skyline and Mount Fuji National Highway No. 139 “(also boiled Ann) mother hot water heaven.” Has become a place of recreation and relaxation for locals and other Fujinomiya citizens at affordable rates. Ichi-tori facilities baths, open-air bath, medicated bath (herbs, herbal medicine), sauna, shops, restaurants, and rest areas are available. Are you from the open-air bath overlooking the city and the landscape of Suruga Bay Fujinomiya, Fuji. There is a collection of rare stone in the world, “museum odd stone”, next to it is a local point of interest. In July and August of Mount Fuji climbing season is crowded with hikers, it has become a hot spring to heal fatigue of climbing.

○ “Fuji Kyuko” is the designated administrator facility
Yu “mother heaven” originally was operated facility in Fujinomiya, “Fuji Kyuko” by the public is operated by the facility as the designated administrator since 2006. In recent years because of the budget crunch, Fujinomiya city has commissioned the management of city facilities to private companies for the purpose of cost-cutting and efficiency. One of them is “hot mother heaven”, is expected to improve the service by delegating to private companies. “Hot water of Nagomi”, “hot spring village of peach”, “yu Misaka,” three hot springs as well as Fuji Kyuko Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, is running as an administrator also specifies the Museum “hot spring sun Akeno.”

○ enjoy a meal in the “Sayuri the cafeteria”
It offers delicious cuisine in the heart of the Japanese in “Sayuri the cafeteria” of “hot water of the mother heaven.” Including udon noodles, soba, and ramen, we offers a variety of dishes, such as chicken and egg on rice and curry. One of the fun of the hot spring is diet, easy and delicious dishes while folksy in “hot water of the mother heaven.” There are plenty of snacks Oden, edamame, such as peanut, enjoy the happy moments you drink even one cup of beer bath.

○-hour usage fee
Charges of “hot water of the mother heaven” There are three kinds according to the time 1 hour, 3 hours, one day, will be charged per hour extension. 400 yen for one hour, \ 700 for 3 hours, 1 day ticket for $ 1,000, it is $ 200 ticket for one hour extension. Fee for hot spring has more flat rate of only 1-day ticket in general, “mother hot water heaven” is provided with a wide range of prices to suit your needs hour. Some students who leisurely day relaxing, hot springs are not Some people come back soon contains only a bath, “hot mother heaven” in the sense that the bath is convenient to the person who uses a short period of time. However, since only a bath and really only one time, those who want to relax the person who purchased the ticket for 3 hours I still might be good. In addition, there is a service that is free for one hour extension Present your membership card members who JAF, you can also enter for 2 hours at 400 yen. Also, if you go too many times and the number of adults who frequently attend tickets are also, it has been sold for $ 4,000 in one hour tickets 11 sheets spelling for example.

○ “露天風呂” vista overlooking the Suruga Bay
Open-air bath is provided on the south side, overlooking the vast Suruga Bay ahead Fujinomiya, of Fuji City. Fuji is the best I really should look so hot in Fujinomiya, from women’s bath may appear, it is likely to not be visible from the water man. Hot water from Mount Fuji is unfortunate man does not see, you can see the spectacular views of the town and in front of the Suruga Bay instead. If you visit after sunset, you can enjoy the night view of the town of Fuji. There are two types of “medicinal bath bath” and “cypress bath” “open-air bath” is. Number of adults in the space that people put in, “cypress bath” is a luxury bath scent of cypress is. On the other hand, “medicinal bath bath” is the open-air bath of herbs and medicinal bath that consists of herbal medicine. Hot water is cloudy, but a component of the medicinal bath in brown, it is a feeling that You’re hot medicated bath is good for the health of the smell.

○ “Uchiburo” spacious and clean
Is “Uchiburo” is the biggest bath yu “mother” Heaven, adjustable hot water is very good. Although not so big, so you have small local spa, spacious, well we put in 20 people with 10 people. Moderate water is neither hot nor Nuruku, you can enter in a relaxed manner with a good adjustment. Place to sit with a handrail is provided at either end, you can sit a total of 6 people.

○ Free Salon resting place
After a workout in the bath slowly, so you can relax in the salon free resting place. Resting place that can accommodate 180 people tatami-mat is very wide, you can rest at ease you break a leg. There is also a large digital TV in salon, you can also relax comfortably while watching TV. Because of the hotel can also bring food and drink, I also recommend to bring a lunch. Of course, you can also order food in a restaurant or eat in the hall at the shop to buy candy.

○ Let’s stop in between sightseeing Fujinomiya
Yu “mother” Heaven is located next to the Museum “odd stone”, there are numerous attractions in Fujinomiya City at the foot of Mt Fuji have both facilities. It is a lot of interest, such as “Kachoen Fuji” and “Asagirikogen”, “Hongu Fuji Sengen Taisha”, “白糸の滝”. I think so feel free to Tachiyoreru for any length of time, and may also stop in between Fujinomiya tourism. There is a “Yutorio” Shibakawa “wind water” other, hot springs in Fujinomiya is “yu” Hana Onsen Fugaku, let you have a chance to stop by, too. Of course, close to the “Mount Fuji”, you can also relieve the weariness of the journey on the way back from sightseeing and climbing. I am very busy with tourists climbing care of return to be a season of summer climbing Fuji.

○ More Information

  3670-1 Yamamiya Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 20:00
  (In the case of holiday the next day is a public holiday) (May 1 to 1 December 27) New Year Monday
  54 units
  No. 139 national highway Tomei Fuji IC ①, climbing towards the skyline Fuji 白糸の滝
  200 yen for one hour extension 3 hours \ 700 \ 1,000 \ 400 per day per adult time

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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