◎ HOT SPRING hot Okitsu Shimizu-ku Shizuoka Suruga Kenko Land

○ comprehensive spa facility with play day, a bath of 20
Comprehensive spa facilities, including a 12-story hotel overlooking the Suruga Bay. Enhancement of the facilities first time as the finest spa facilities anyway. There is a bath and swimsuit wear Badezon of type 20, are entering hours. Well as bath, (room TV room, break room nap, of healing) entertainment (Game corner, Karaoke room, mahjong room), health and beauty facilities (bodywork, relaxation, rug, massage health), break, banquet hall, cafeteria has been operating in the tremendous scale shop, also accommodation, it is there to enjoy the day. Child care and fitness club is up to other, it is a facility of the very very polite.

○ “natural hot spring” in health spa
“Suruga Kenko Land” is land health leisure as its name suggests, spring quality is a full-fledged, which is classified as “Fountain medical treatment”, or “fossil seawater” springs from strata deposited on the bottom of the sea in ancient times ” is “natural hot spring. That there is around the corner from Suruga Bay, Health Spa is located along the Suruga-ku Shizuoka City Shimizu onsen hot spring water drilling is high in salt. The higher the concentration of the components been touted spa, the ingredients penetrate the skin and easy.

○ 20 different bathing in the bath for a long time
Kind of bath of “Land Suruga health” is not really odd. I went to the hot springs are also many “Mr. Fuji”, I’ve never seen the place where and bath facilities are substantial enough to “land health” this. 20 Even though the type and bite, and really try to introduce, “water events (water bed)”, “Dosen charcoal”, “bath barrel”, “sea air spring”, “body massage” chalybeate “Huang, “In addition to the” hot seat “,” bath “,” bath Baibura douche “,” bath “,” let the hot water hit “,” bath “,” bath pool walking “,” electric bath “,” Finnish sauna and Shiroizumi There I shall describe as “sinus rock salt steam sauna”, “wormwood sauna”, “cold”, “rock sauna bath”, “salt sauna”, “hot”, “. I do not know whether that also includes a sauna in 20 different, I have a tremendous kind of bath and sauna anyway. I entered contains bath for hours if you like, so you can try a variety of bath even impatient people, it has become thoroughly enjoyable facilities anyone.

○ fulfilling relaxation facilities
The best part of hot spring bathing is, of course, is important to me how can I relax moments after bathing. There are many places that soothe your tired body “healing room (massage chair Room Free)”, “nap room”, “break room” in “Land Suruga health”, and “Rooms with TV Recliner”. Sit back and relax in the break room, in the room of healing relieve stiff neck, and sleep in a reclining room became sleepy and nap room, you will be able to heal daily fatigue leisurely to suit your own physical condition. In addition, you can take until midnight unique full-service massage and bodywork huge facility, rug, foot massage, and beauty.

○ meals also punished 10 stores
One of the fun of a hot spring is still dining. The “Land Suruga health” restaurants are a total of 10 stores around the store, such as Japanese sushi and sashimi seafood that makes the best use of Suruga Bay.呑喰, “” Marche shop western sea view “,” sea peak roast seafood “,” Shogetsu salon “,” Hama-style processing Japanese “,” Anne come punished wealth buckwheat Good “,” hand-rolled sushi Hama-chan “that stores and 10 Sky is the hips “snack & Teppanyaki” and “sweet Ren あゆ treatment process”, “Chinese forest”, “dining and. There is a harbor and Yui Shimizu Shimizu Speaking of Suruga Bay, fresh seafood every day you get a. Numerous dishes that makes the best use of land and fresh fish is proud, there is no doubt that even smack passengers. “Kettle fried whitebait” or “Silas” and “shrimp” as landings “of fried shrimp”, famous from the harbor Yui is a gem you want to try by all means eat, among others.

○ huge 419 room hotel
“Suruga Kenko Land” is a huge 12-story facility, accommodation with 419 rooms and things run even hotels. And about \ 6,000, available freely at par and reasonable business hotel if Binami a single charge as well. Since health is also included in the price of the land bathing fee, guests can enjoy a free hot spring. Although it is not gorgeous like inns and hotels of the oldest full-fledged, so also various rooms large room Single, double, for the customer more, Japanese-style, and Western-style accommodation, enjoying views of Suruga Bay and for families in business can. In addition, you can switch to hotel accommodation should pay the balance after admission also users of land health. Or those who want to drink slowly, those who sleep in a private room than a good nap room that can accommodate an additional charge.

○ possible premium rates at midnight
If you want to stay even after 3 am In addition to the bathing fee if you pay a “premium price midnight”, you can also stay in the “Land Suruga health.” This is the same as “Hana-no-yu” in “when 栖” In the system (in the case of admission after 5 am) that can stay until 10:00 am the next morning at an increased price of 1,050 yen. In other words, you can not stay in the sum of 3,045 yen 1,050 yen 1,995 yen and premium rates of normal usage. In the sense of being able to stay until ten o’clock the next morning to be exact, because it is not there is a personal service of a hotel or private room there is, strictly speaking, it is not a hotel. By the break room and spend the night in the nap room, we are not able to achieve this low price. I think for women that there is a resistance to late at night where there is no privacy, it is highly recommended as a way for students who stay in the male-oriented price.

○ Let’s use the discount deals
Charges of “land health Suruga” The setting of price 1,995 yen and 945 yen for adults and children is higher. Of course, there is worth the fee of about 2,000 yen for adults and there are discount deals to those who want to use a little cheaper. If you want to use easily with the use of discount for the first time, we will make use of the “discount admission ticket” Land of HP health first. The \ 315 and \ 1,995 discount is usually 1,680 yen for adults and 735 yen and 945 yen usually children, 210 yen. In addition, you can use me for $ 1,470 if you sign up to adult “health club membership Land” in front or HP. In addition, I also sell “discount tickets” at a convenience store (1,470 yen year-on-year). If you purchase a “coupon health Land” in front of ten spelling, and more, is available for $ 1,000 per. In addition to the “Land Suruga health” of Okitsu Shimizu-ku, “land health” because there “Land Isawa health” of Isawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, also “Land Shinshu health” of Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, tickets, discount tickets even though there You can take advantage of the.

○ More Information

  Town Okitsuazuma 1234, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 424-0203
Overview of Facilities
  Under investigation
Opening Hours
  For 24 hours
  Open all year round (with special holidays)
  573 units
  Under investigation
  Under investigation

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