◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Kawane town Haibara-gun Onsen “Kawane” Road Station

○ “way station” Add to hot spring
“温泉 Kawane” Road Station is a hot spring facility originally was registered as a “way station” to the incidental. “Road Station” is nearly 800 locations across the country, there is a unique station number. In Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a hot spring as well, “Matsuzaki Izu Garden St. three of flowers” or “Marintaun Ito”, became a way station itself spa facilities has become a mother is probably not the only hot spring “Kawane this” or not. There is only hot spring, the original is perfect adequacy of spa facilities. Not just use a “way station” that come and go like, it is recommended that spot can also be used as the destination of the journey to heal the fatigue of the journey.

○ train SL is the best view from the open-air bath
Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Kawane there is a “hot spring Kawane” is famous not only as a producer of “tea Kawane famous”, as well as the city of Oigawatetsudo train runs SL. Oi River flows through the tip of the nose and the eyes of the western side of the hot spring “Kawane” station of the road, beside the Oigawatetsudo has been laid. SL train still runs on the active list, as well as the role of transportation in Oigawatetsudo, it has also become a famous tourist. I can see in the open-air bath of hot Kawane, its tourism specialties. Time zone where you can watch the train SL will be posted on the premises spa, and seem to be seen three or four times a day according to it. In the pause that you can not see the chopper, but must match the time, I also recommend waiting to try SL train pass for a landing in an open-air bath is if there is room.

○ mineral-rich hot spring using the spring withholding from 1,200 m underground
“温泉 Kawane” way station originally since we had operated as a “Fountain of Friendship Kawane spa” is a full-fledged spring quality of spa facilities as well as a matter of course. Hot spring quality of Kawane is very characteristic, I think one of the reasons for the popularity and appeal of this hot it is. Sodium chloride hot spring gushing from about 1200 meters underground, the water source is slightly brown. Has entered into a number of hot springs, I also was the first spring of the spring quality has changed so much. So has the effect of fatigue and muscle pain, neuralgia, etc., as efficacy is a real spa experience.

○ on-site dining establishments are diverse menu
Various restaurant “温泉 Kawane” station of the road, there is a menu that changes. Overall, there are many snacks, noodles, drinks, alcohol, pinch, and rice simple things are sold. However, as a Recommended menu, including “soft tea” or “tea soba” Kawane unique town, you can enjoy the unique cuisine of charcoal powder kneaded called “ramen charcoal”.

○ souvenir dealer that focuses on “tea Kawane”
The facility will be the mother of “温泉 Kawane” Road Station is the “Fountain of Friendship Kawane hot.” Well as hot springs, is located on site and shop hall, room rental, massage corner, sauna, pool, and. Local specialties, including the “tea Kawane” refined tea are sold at the shop that is in the hot spring facilities. “Tea Kawane known” are made in the best environment for the cultivation of tea in the neighborhood Oi of tea as a luxury brand all over the country. In the shop, lined with numerous souvenirs Zurari is utilizing the “tea Kawane” that refined tea.

○ shop before parking “Road Station”
Parking lot in front of the “hot Kawane” station of the road, there is a “way station kiosk” that sells specialty products such as fresh local vegetables and tea. It is enough to get lost in the unique assortment of tea Kawane town, rich in both the number of articles to choose type. Tea is also sold at the shop in the hot spring facilities, fresh local vegetables’re selling Speaking of “way station” is still for sale. Immediately enters the entrance kiosk, seasonal vegetables are ordered by the state of the freshly caught. There is a view of the producers of vegetables one by one, you can buy with confidence know who made.

○ feeling a little hot in the footbath free
It is a “footbath” What is recommended for people who may not have the time and want to get a feel for hot spring spa much trouble because I was stopped by. There since it opened in February 2003, and you can feel free to use free of charge, it is very much like the reputation. Outside of the spa facilities, “footbath” be independent has been equipped near the parking lot, you can use just anyone.

○ OVERALL: Evaluation of two sides as “hot” and “Road Station”
As mentioned in the introduction, “温泉 Kawane” Road Station is the case where the facility was originally spa has been registered as a “way station” collaterally. So, there is one side and as a way station, is one side of a hot spring, and the evaluation has been completely different in some respects. Be seen as a hot spring, spring quality is very high evaluation, facilities, etc. in terms of service. On the other hand, if seen as a way station, in terms of readability, toilet, kiosk, information services, etc. is likely to use is still room for improvement.
As of March 2004, I visited has just started as a way station still used as a way station felt a little inconvenience. For example, users can not only use hot cafeteria is located in the spa facilities, as well as a resting place was a shop also. There was not handicapped facilities are available as well with visitors feel free to stop by not using the spa. I do not know because it is not visited since then, the current Terms of Use will change somewhat, but I like have become somewhat easier to use. There is also a shop near the parking lot outside a roadside station, also seems to have been successful coordination of station facilities of spa facilities and roads. Featured in place, as a whole, I would like you to visit us if you have a very long time.

○ More Information

  Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Sasamado 220 Kawane
  (Fountain of hot petting Kawane)
  (Liaison Committee “way station” Central Block)
Overview of Facilities
     ” d=”<川根温泉ふれあいの泉>”><Fountain of hot petting Kawane>
  ② outdoor pool indoor pool water Uchiburo ① ② ① hot spring open-air bath
  First floor room rental ● ● ● break room hot water bath fragrance ⑪ ⑩ ⑨ Yu Yu sleep walking sauna Hottosupa ⑦ ⑧ ④ Chubby dark mist sauna dry sauna ⑤ ⑥ (Mon 7-9) Badezon outdoor Jacuzzi ③ (Mon 7-9) “Kiraku” ● shop Massage
     ” d=”<ふれあいコテージ>”><Cottage Friendship>
   Experience   ” d=”<体験施設>”><Facilities> Experience
   ‘ d=”<「道の駅」売店>”><Shop “Road Station”>
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 17:00 kiosk “way station” 10:00 ~ 17:00 ④ experience facility 8:30 ~ 17:00 ③ cottage Friendship Fountain Friendship 9:00 ~ 21:00 ② ①
  (The following day if holidays) (telephone, public toilets and parking is available 24 hours) first Tuesday of every month
  Tokyo area ①: Take Inter Yaizu, 15 minutes Route 1,
  Take Inter Mukoya, line 25 minutes Kawane Shimada prefectural road No. 64
  Nagoya direction ②: Take Inter Fukuroi, Route 1 and 20 minutes,
  Take Inter Mukoya, line 25 minutes Kawane Shimada prefectural road No. 64
  300 units

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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