◎ HOT SPRING hot Inno Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba Kogen Onsen your womb

○ springs from the foot of Mount Fuji “温泉 your womb”
Pointing the way lava made by the eruptive activity of Mount Fuji “and your womb”, in the hot springs that gush from Fuji, Gotemba deep grove. Potent neuralgia, muscular pain, poor circulation, such as fatigue in the “alkaline simple hot spring” quality fountain. In the open-air bath made of lava, you feel like I have been wrapped in the majestic views of Mount Fuji Mount Fuji up close, the “womb us.” There is a “Garden Kiyohiro 富士山 your womb” near the hot springs, there is a “road lava Corps” of protected species.

○ Fuji lava bath
There is “Fuji lava bath” and “yu Fujimi” to open-air bath of hot spring “your womb.” It is also exceptional close-up views of Mount Fuji “Fujimi yu”, create a “Kamakura” lava eruption at Mount Fuji made it interesting in the bath is “Fuji lava bath.” Or not the image of the Mother Fuji, Kamakura formula lava bath I also feel that this is subject to feel as if soaked in amniotic fluid in the mother’s stomach with lukewarm water in the well. Tepid bath itself so narrow and does not go with long bath, I’m not taking a bath is quite interesting idea.

○ discount after 3:00 pm
“温泉 your womb” The bathing fee is different depending on the time, it is recommended to bathe after 3 pm. Fee is a flat fee without time limit, is $ 1,300 from 10 am until 3 pm start of sales. Since 800 yen past the 3:00 pm, after 3:00 I would not do good unless you relax the day. Also, although in the past the 700 yen at 6:00 pm, I think Fuji will not be seen in the dark and too late, before the coming of the sun goes down and the best. Although satisfactory scenery, spring quality and equipment, 1,300 yen is priced a little higher. I staggered You may visit the time zone.

○ “weekday discount coupons” in the HP
“温泉 your womb” bathing fee is 1,300 yen adults, offers a “discount coupon” weekday same facility on the home page. Weekends and holidays are not available in the “weekday only”, you can use up to five adults 1,000 yen per sheet discount coupons even if they are not after 3 pm. “Discount voucher” is like get in tourist facilities near Gotemba, so you can easily print from HP if not, is what I want to bring us to the time of bathing.

○ More Information

  A 1380-25 Inno Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture
Overview of Facilities
  Bath, sauna, rest room, places to eat, massage Uchiburo, open-air bath, sleep
Opening Hours
  10:00 to 21:00
  (In the case of holiday the next day) Tuesday
  160 units
Usage fee
  1300 yen for adults and 700 yen for Children
  20 minutes from Tomei Gotemba Inter ①
  25 minutes from the Inter-foot ② Tomei

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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