◎ HOT SPRING hot foot Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, “Green Park” 温泉 Asagirikogen

○ Asagirikogen natural hot spring
“Green Park hot spring Asagirikogen” is the only natural hot spring Asagirikogen western foot of Mt. It was once engaged in a comprehensive leisure facilities tennis courts, baseball fields, skate park and golf short field, the hotel, and is now only open for hot spring facilities. View of Mount Fuji from the open-air bath is the highest, in the fresh air of Asagirikogen, it is a hot spring that will soothe the mind and the body. Very good quality and warm springs from the core of the body warm. Stare up close to Mount Fuji, with sucking fresh air, if leisurely soak in the hot spring, when I taste the bliss. There are also places to eat and rest rooms, fully heals the fatigue of the journey. Located on the national highway No. 139 of Asagirikogen, some offer views of the spectacular views of the nearby Asagirikogen “Parking refreshing morning mist”, and “Asagirikogen Road Station” and “Kachoen Fuji”. You can go to the mountain trails of Kenashizan If all goes back to the road in front of the green Park, has been often used of Mount Fuji and Kenashizan climbers. In addition, Sky Sports, etc. Paragliding Asagirikogen flourishes, in a clear day, I saw a paraglider flying in the sky. To be held in the fall of each year the vast grounds of the Green Park has been used as a parking lot “JAM Asagiri” Jazz Festival, one of Japan’s largest arena in the morning mist.

○ More Information

  146 foot-shaped Asano Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 17:00
  A day, seven days a week (Monday 12-2 Tuesday is holiday)
  400 passenger cars (free)
  About 40 minutes on Route 139 towards inter Yamanashi Fuji Tomei, Fuji west road, highway
  1,000 yen

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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