◎ RESTAURANT souvenir shop, restaurant Fujikawaguchiko Hoto Fudo in Yamanashi Prefecture

○ store building built of traditional wind
“Hoto Fudo” is a shop that offers with stubbornly sticking to the “Hoto” dishes of Yamanashi. Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture in Fujikawaguchiko poised store and 3 “Kawaguchiko Station Store”, “shop south Kawaguchiko”, “shop Kitamoto Kawaguchiko”. In the architectural style of a traditional brick built, is descriptive of the building, conspicuous in their local stores.

○ shop “Hoto” of prejudice
Commitment to “Hoto” in “Hoto Fudo” is amazing. There is little other than the turret of the shop menu. Menu is 525 yen including tax, “Kimchi” 525 yen including tax assorted pickles “,” 420 yen including tax cook with “,” 420 yen including tax Sushi Inari “,” 1,050 yen including tax thorn horse “,” 1,050 yen including tax Hoto Fudo “, in just a few “only 210 yen tax included rice,” “. “Hoto Fudo” Main Menu is only one type and the other is the side menu completely. I argue that this is because the store is “Please come here to eat Hoto and”. “Hoto Fudo” proud of their shop they claim is a rarity. Put pumpkin, taro and edible wild plants in the thick homemade noodles Hoto, I have cooked in miso at the foot of Mt Fuji. Hear from you, so make an order, I will take about 20 minutes to line up on the table. Amount is generous, come out piping hot in a pot with the big iron. So may a large amount to children, it may be a good one in two children in public.

○ Operating noodles lasts no longer
Hours “Hoto Fudo” is up to each store from 11 am to 7 pm, will be closed as soon as the noodles of the turret is eliminated. Sometimes it will not eat in the evening and also the tourist season so. 300 seats, 450 seats south store, head office Ekimaeten but any large number of people and can accommodate 110 seats and, during the hours of lunch shop is so popular that season might have become full. When you would like to visit after 4 pm I recommend that you check in advance.

○ secret spices
“Secret spices (seasonings)” in “Hoto Fudo” seasoning which has been placed on each table in the shop is. In the preparation of the secret shop, I have to finish condiments and spicy aroma of several exquisite condiments that have been carefully selected. If you put in the “Hoto” depending on your preference, you can eat a turret with a difference piquant. High reputation “secret spice this”, are sold at 525 yen per pack to take home at the store. If you would like to mail order because they also received the head office, I would suggest that you try to call.

○ building new stores such as white clouds
Opened in January 2010, the “East romance shop” which is the first new store to store 4 “Hoto Fudo”. Brick buildings and warehouses is completely different from the traditional three stores, the appearance, “according to the Fuji cloud, such as we have come down softly,” It is a building of pure white. High ceilings, walls and even pure white inside, has become like a table in the dining hall, along with Zura~tsu space. Architect is born in Yamanashi Prefecture, by Mr. Takeshi Hosaka design of the building. Contrary to the novel design, the same as the other three stores, menu item “Hoto Fudo” is alive and well in the main menu.

○ More Information

  707 mouth Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture (Kitamoto store Kawaguchiko)
Opening Hours
  10:30 to 19:00
  7 days a week
Overview of Facilities
  (Tables, parlor) seats 300 Number of seats
Usage fee
  \ 1050 Hoto Fudo
  No. 137 national highway from Kawaguchiko IC

○ map around

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