◎ souvenir shop, restaurant Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture ya 桔梗

○ “Shingen mochi 桔梗” souvenir typical of Yamanashi
Is “Shingen mochi” is by far the pastry popular souvenir of Yamanashi. Became a pastry shop souvenir 桔梗 of 1889 founded to commercialize “Kikyo Shingen mochi” in 1968, to represent the Yamanashi Prefecture now known to the national constituency. In tourist areas are dealt with in Yamanashi most stores, it has also become an indispensable souvenir for tourists visiting the Yamanashi. Ya 桔梗 store has been opened Takashimaya, Seibu, Mitsukoshi, as well, such as Matsuzakaya throughout the prefecture, in the metropolitan area, has established an unshakable position as souvenir shop.

○ Award “honorary president” 19th Annual Great Exhibition pastry
“Shingen mochi” ya 桔梗 was awarded the highest Award “honorary president” at “The 19th Annual Great Exhibition pastry.” Starting with “fair large confectionery candy empire” first held in 1911 (Meiji 44), change the name of the “Great Exhibition nationwide confectionery” now, “the Great Exhibition nationwide confectionery” is the 25th in 2008 I have reached a time. Also referred to as the “Olympics of Japanese sweets”, alias, for the honor of best confectionery maker is taking the prize. Confectionery sweets from all over the country gather renowned, award-winning in that it will give a endorsement of it is the finest pastry. Awareness is raised further by an award-winning, I’ve grown to boast sales of confectionery is now No. 1 in Yamanashi Prefecture.

○ “peach Shingen 桔梗”
Not only “Shingen mochi”, ya Kikyo is also famous “peach Shingen.” Although many people only know Shingen mochi Speaking 桔梗 ya, I’m a “peach Shingen” confection that is not inferior to Shingen mochi. In your buns wrapped in cloth in the shape of a peach Shiroan Peach jelly-filled, “peach Shingen” is a sweet peach-like look and smell. Like “Shingen mochi”, it is the finest sweets was awarded “Honorary President” at “The 20th Annual Great Exhibition pastry.” In a real peach box as if no one has any packaging, products have become the image of a peach of Yamanashi specialty. Said Shingen mochi, product development capabilities to produce confectionery 桔梗 souvenir shop in the region, such as “shape”, “packaging”, “taste”, and a nice peach Shingen is really amazing.

○ You can buy at a price of less than half “factory outlet shop 桔梗”
There can be purchased at less than half the list price is “factory outlet” in the main factory shop bellflower Ichinomiya, Yamanashi Prefecture. As the name of the outlet, are sold at low price products in non-standard “factory outlet”. Also referred to as irregular, he was that it does not sell at full price because of “shelf life is short” “has been transformed”, such as “self-service” “No wrapping”, the Genuine It is not a poor taste. Irregular, but not suitable for gifts so goods “in translation” so-called, for the home, if there is no problem at all. I think those who okay even if somewhat poor form, even if there is no packaging and even taste many permitting. “Factory outlet” to those who are dying is a shop.

○ Unlimited Shingen mochi stuffed with “factory outlet”
Is that whatever can be stuffed with yen (including tax) 210 slightly “Shingen mochi” is the biggest attraction in the “factory outlet shop” Kikyo. Built-packed in plastic bags to “Shingen mochi” non-standard, such as shelf life is short. Some sweets such as Daifuku and buns in addition to “Shingen mochi” is “Shingen mochi” is still No. 1 popular. I must always hold one’s mouth even if it says unlimited packed in a plastic bag. I think I heard some people also packed 15 plastic bags stretched to the limit, and you can also place ten beginner doing ordinary stuff. Because it is one hundred yen, the price of the regular “Shingen mochi” was originally going to be packed easily take two or more. There is a drawback of such a short shelf life in the outlet goods, there is no problem if you eat immediately. “Unlimited justified” if Kangaere is so incredibly great savings. In fact, it may not be possible also to “unlimited justified” in the “factory outlet” can be opened from the front line, too, along with congestion. It is not unusual that you can also surging Large Groups of bus tour, can be a matrix of more than 100 people. I think those who want to “unlimited justified” is the person who came to mind during the season and time is good.

○ sweets and seasonal confectionery numerous
桔梗 ya is not just “peach Shingen” and “Shingen mochi”. “Candy season” and “sweets” many have been born in 100 years of history and tradition founded. Sells sweets and seven seasons of 13 types of sweets shop in Bellflower (2010). “Ya Kai”, “rice cake Shingen” in the confection is “making Gin 餅 Shingen 桔梗”, “Song of the shade flowers”, “forte Danjuro”, “peach Shingen”, “hermitage true request”, “Yuzu Masuho” “Dorayaki of Good”, “Furin Kazan plum kelp tea”, “Furin Kazan baked sponge cake”, “Kintsuba”, it is “Dharma Shingen.” I am a pastry in the season, “Koshu Maru”, “Chestnut Cake”, “walnut bun”, “Daifuku persimmon”, “Dorayaki chestnut”, “Pusse nut”, “nuts roll 浪漫 Kai”.

○ museum of sweets
There is a “museum of candy” factory shop bellflower headquarters of Ichinomiya, Yamanashi Prefecture. You will be able to watch many of the pastry craft “free admission”, brings together the best of technology confectioner. “We 爛 flowers”, the work was awarded the Grand Prize “craft” Sweet flower exposition of the five made sweets are decorated ox cart, it is a work of art just candy. There are works including “Autumn brocade” which represent the leaves of mistaken about the real thing also, a representation of seasonal flowers hydrangea, plum, camellia, and cosmos. Do not appear to work very candy say about each and every work of art is also close to two meters chickens also, bamboo shoots, and fish. I was impressed with it can produce wonderful snacks such as “peach Shingen” or “Shingen mochi”, precisely because there is such a high technology with a confectioner.

○ sales network airports, department stores, directly operated stores
500 employees, shop bellflower is a manufacturer confectionery sales of 6.0 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2010) for the entire group. “Shingen mochi” the flagship product has won the first place among the confectionery sales of souvenirs in Yamanashi Prefecture. Diverse sales network as well, some store-operated 17 stores under Yamanashi Prefecture. There is also that “mochi Shingen” in the questionnaire souvenir of Japan by foreigners, which was conducted at Narita Airport, Kansai International Airport at Haneda Airport has won the award, it has been sold Narita and at Haneda Airport today. In addition, we are also sold in Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro Seibu, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, such as Sogo Hachioji in the metropolitan area.桔梗 shop that has been dealt with, not only in the number of retail stores, department stores and even in the airport there is a really competitive products.

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  Tsuboi 1928 Ichinomiya, Yamanashi Prefecture Fuefuki

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