◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Yasaka Kakegawa, Shizuoka “Kakegawa” Road Station

○ Road Station worthy worthy Route 1
Opened on April 27, 2005, “Kakegawa” Road Station in Shizuoka Prefecture is the 17th “Road Station”. It is a station on the road to the world already established, there is also the fact that the 17th prefecture, such as facilities and services are devised throughout, has become a “way station” very high degree of perfection. Provide adequate parking along Route 1 with heavy traffic, has been enhanced shop, cafeteria, specialty products, as well as local vegetables. In the facility is open 24 hours convenience store, I’m supposed to be available at any time. Been developed as well a large parking lot, as well as long-distance transport driver, utility value is “way station” high as well as the resting place of the civilian traveler journey.

○ parking largest prefecture
“Kakegawa” Road Station Road Station is the 17th Shizuoka Prefecture, it is the largest prefecture Road Station with a site area of ??40 000 square meters parking space, 100 units ordinary car, 32 units of large vehicles. The parking spaces are so much proud of, or would not be in position and Ito Marintaun Rakuza Fujikawa Fujikawa SA share a parking space with Tomei. I suspect that a large amount of traffic from Highway 1, in anticipation of a large number of passengers, and secured parking only this. At the time of the original 2005 open station this station is supposed to be used only as not up line from Route 1, has been under construction like available from the down line.

○ interior design and sophisticated
Into the building of the “Kakegawa Station” of the road, I was most surprised and interior design of the building. I was surprised to get in, but did not think You’re only as an ordinary building clean, and once I entered. Picture of fish and vegetables that have been drawn on the walls and goodwill was very beautiful, and a number of beautiful lighting suspended from the ceiling and its high ceilings, such as the atrium. Of course the interior is beautiful, so new buildings, there are remarkable and interior design. Rather than just a fluorescent light, and color or use a star-shaped pattern of various types of hanging light bulbs and lighting as well, I do not think that luxury just a way station was out.

○ folksy diner-style restaurant
To “Kakegawa station” of the road, there is a diner-style restaurant folksy. Rather than a restaurant, cafeteria and who is it rather a good idea. Pick up a dish of their choice, have the form to settle at the checkout counter. Just because it is a superb way station Tachiyoreru feel free to anyone, and you’re in a self-service cafeteria these folksy. Said cafeteria folksy, seems to stick to the taste, it was also very delicious dishes I ate.

The restaurant “coko-coko” wind this diner, you can eat your own meal, so choose your own favorite things. Was \ 650 meter Kasuzuke of salmon, rice, omelet, salad, miso soup I chose. There was a grilled pork cutlet, mackerel, tempura, meat and potatoes, natto, and tofu also. Therefore free to choose their own type and amount, you will be able to enjoy everyone regardless of age or sex. Format is similar to a certain chain diner, the food is stuck like that worth, delicious dish dish has been transmitted. Rice is likely to have in the pot carefully cook up in particular, there is a shiny cook fresh rice was delicious very Sun.

○ central places to eat snacks
In addition to the restaurant “coko-coko”, there is also dealing with places to eat buckwheat noodles such as udon. This process snacks that meet the needs of the audience as well as the center of Japanese restaurants to eat rice, soba and udon that want to eat lightly. It is a shop that can be seen as well in the service area of ??the fast, cheap and easy to eat at the earliest. It would be nice restaurant “coko-coko” style diner, processing these snacks is recommended for those who want to easily finish the meal still busy.

○ sell fresh vegetables produced in Kakegawa
It is a fresh local vegetables and speaking standard items of the “Road Station”. The direct selling fresh local vegetables naturally “But Kakegawa Station” of the road. The “direct selling local products Corner” on one corner of the facility, are lined with seasonal vegetables and freshly-picked Semashi place. In June I visited, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, melons, cabbage, radish, plum, etc. has been selling a lot. Was an assortment that can be also rich in the kind and amount, enough to entertain everyone who came station. Local vegetables in the “change if change from office”, characteristic of the region is still out is one of the biggest attractions of the station of the road.

○ “handmade workshop” a well-stocked
The “Kakegawa” Road Station, livestock processed products made with the famous “栖 of Time” at Gotemba Kogen beer and local specialties are sold. “栖 of Time” that seems to be run by the principal, such as cheese, sausage and homemade studio boasts are arranged in abundance. There are more than 100 kinds of cheese were brought from all over the world, but have never seen is most. Items are arranged unusual dry flower, candy, sweets, and other waste water is crammed.

○ convenience “way station” was growing at a convenience store entry
To “Kakegawa” Road Station, convenience stores are located within the facility as a tenant. Around the station has been at the center of the road, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, too, is the first station of the road there is a convenience store. Itself “way station” is available 24 hours a day, but the principle is, that I can not open 24 hours a day to shop and cafeteria. Reality is that most of the road station is not available for 24 hours parking, toilets, vending machine only place. Shops and restaurants are closed at night, but of course also “Kakegawa Station” of the road, by convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, which is very high convenience. Station and convenience stores nationwide unified type of community-based way, but some parts not incompatible, considering the convenience and functionality, or it would not be a combination that was in perfect harmony. Of course, the type of uniform national convenience store so if main facilities of the station of the road, due to the fun “way station” that I lost. “Road Station” is attractive because of the uniqueness of community-based shops and restaurants as well as a break in the land of the drive. But I think that if it is operated in a manner like Kakegawa serve the convenience of the user, and the very high significance.

○ General comment: “Road Station” high degree of sophistication was useful
“Kakegawa” Road Station is a station on the road, which is also very sophisticated from the viewpoint of design, design and convenience. From State Highway 1 can lead to a large amount of traffic, it has become a building to take sufficient parking space and facilities, we assumed a large number of passengers. In addition, the internal design of the building is a Japanese-style architecture, has been refined to give us heal the hearts of the beautiful decoration passengers. Lined restaurant, workshop handmade, direct selling vegetables, and convenience store on the premises, and to provide products, each of sticking. The jurisdiction of the roadside station itself is probably a Kakegawa, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, where due to the power of the private sector to create a sophisticated roadside station is still so much I think is great. Proven “when 栖 (the abode of the time)” that seems to have engaged in operation in the prefecture, I was impressed that it is companies that are truly talent. I have sold a lot of products that are handled in-house Gotemba highland ham, sausage and cheese, etc. If you look and see “handmade workshop.” Conversely, less sales of specialty products of Kakegawa, does not seem to participate in local businesses in Kakegawa, I feel that the color does not come out of my area was. That said, is to continue to operate a large facility only this, it would be that bad or if not a large company has a proven track record of reasonable too. Anyway, there is no doubt it is a way station that has been refined to be very high utility value overall.

○ More Information

  Yasaka 882-1 Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture
  “Road Station” in Central ①
Overview of Facilities
  Tea sales process ③ “studio” homemade specialties sale ② ① agricultural and livestock sales office
  ④ restaurant “coko-coko” ⑤ restaurants (meal, noodles, etc.)
  ⑥ Information Corner convenience store “Family Mart” ⑦ ⑧ Massage Corner
Opening Hours
  9:00 ~ 21:00 ③ restaurants shop 9:00 ~ 17:00 ② agricultural and livestock farmer ‘s market ① 9:00 ~ 21:00
  24 ④ Time 9:00 ~ 21:00 ⑤ massage corner convenience store
  7 days a week
  Six hundred ordinary vehicles for disabled ③ ② ① 32 units large car
  Only put up line to the direction from Shizuoka (inter Hisaka few minutes from Route 1
   ” d=”<2005年6月14日現在>”><Date of June 14, 2005>

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