◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Honkawane town Haibara-gun, “Township of foreplay Oi sound back” Road Station

○ “museum of sound,” which also serves as a way station near the train station Oigawatetsudo Sen-to
“Township of foreplay Oi sound back” way station in the town Honkawane Haibara-gun is also serving as a way station “Museum of Sound”. To be precise, who said museum rather than a way station or is it a good idea. More than 90% of the total is turned museum, in the facility, not enter without admission. Corner information as a function of the station of the road, parking, toilet, etc. There are, here are available free of charge, I’m not so rich. Although mentioned in the corner of the “tea 茗館 Nakakawane Faure”, Township of foreplay this sound is like a case that what was originally museum has been registered as a way station to incidental. I think there is a personality of the road to the station by the number, Township of foreplay sounds better to introduce as a museum rather than as a way station sees fit.

○ “hear with the voice of the birds, the whistle of SL”
“Museum of Sound” in the town’s Honkawane was built, I have derived from the sound of the train running of SL and produce the sound of nature and life which is full of emotion heard in the town. The sound of the train whistle that Oigawatetsudo SL that has also become famous runs, spread to every corner of the city sounds. Rather than noise, that sound, feel the emotion to continue to keep unchanged even now, the sound of the whistle pleasant nostalgic. In addition, the murmuring of the river and hear the voice of birds everywhere in the town Honkawane remaining wilderness are now many, heals our hearts.

○ “Township of foreplay sound” as a way station
People such as “museum” rather than the correct way station would be “foreplay Township of sound”, as described above. However, because it is registered as a station of the road, I must also look at the side of the road as the station. In the corner, but information is available, such as nearby attractions, the staff does not reside. There is also a corner selling local products, number of goods that were seen as not so rich in impressions, such as individual shops. However, here are some things that will be featured in TV “肉まん deer boar” is is like a specialty.

○ More Information

  Cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture Sen-to 1217-2 Honkawane
  ① http://www.fuji.ne.jp/ ~ otogi /
  ② http://www.otoginosato.com/
  ③ cho Tourist Association Kawane
Overview of Facilities
  Adult ① (more than high school): 700 yen
  : 400 yen Elementary and Junior High School Students ②
  Infant ③: up to lounge foreplay free sound ※ Free admission
  ③ studio theater sound foreplay foreplay foreplay sound museum sound ① ②
  Farmer ‘s market specialties gym sensory experience ④ ⑤
Opening Hours
  ① – August 4: 9:30 to 16:30: January – March 9:30 ~ 17:00 ② 9
  Tuesdays Tuesday ① ※ If the next day is a public holiday Closed
  (Sun, 29 December and 1 January) ② New Year
  There are other special holidays ③
  Large eight-three units for people with disabilities, usually 147
  Than the original inter ノ Sagara Maki Tomei ①
  ② JR Tokaido Shinkansen Kakegawa station or about 1 hour and 30 minutes
  From Shizuoka Station to Tokaido
  At the station to Oigawatetsudo Kanaya,
  About 3 minutes Sen-to Station, walk

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

SL Hall museum inscription tea Nakakawane Faure Sowa Gorges Gorges also contact Oigawatetsudo Dimension


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