◎ ROADSIDE STATION Road Station Amagiyugashima Tagata-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture town beyond Amagi Road Station

○ Amagi is famous for wasabi in Izu
“Beyond Amagi” Road Station is located near Highway 414 national highway Amagitoge of missing the Shuzenji from Numazu, toward Shimoda. Amagi of Izu is famous as one of Japan’s most famous for wasabi also, known in the “Dancer of Izu” novel by Yasunari Kawabata. At the station of the road, you can also experience Wasabizuke souvenirs and processing with a focus on the wasabi. It displays the article writer to know the nature of forest Amagitoge is associated Amagi, in Izu and other Yasunari Kawabata “and Information Center of the forest” can “in the House Showa-no-Mori in station modernization Izu There is a “museum literature. Also, speaking of wasabi Amagi Amagi are using wasabi also “Yamamoto food” of its founding in 1905, Mishima, Shizuoka. Sells processed products even wasabi “Township of wasabi” in Gotemba. Please enter the text

○ “soft wasabi” specialty
Needless to say it is Amagi Speaking of Izu “famous for wasabi”, I recommend “soft wasabi” to taste the wasabi in the mood for sightseeing easily. Although there are many hotels in the shop is “beyond Amagi” Road Station, I tried to eat ice cream wasabi green that is kneaded into soft at one of them. By too hot nor even referred to as “soft wasabi”, there is a sweetness and spiciness of wasabi traditional soft and did very delicious.

○ “soft” and “wasabi”?
To imagine a soft-serve ice cream green “wasabi” Speaking is kneaded into soft serve ice cream “soft wasabi” ate the soft green that Mr. “Fuji”, of course. However, “soft wasabi” become “soft” and “wasabi” in “Beyond Amagi” Road Station is sold in other shops. “Soft” and “wasabi” is that of a wasabi raw vanilla soft-serve ice cream topping is short. There are often soft or soft peach or grapes, usually does contain the component itself and its extract was purple or pink and soft Dattari I is normal. However, the “soft wasabi” in “Beyond Amagi” Road Station raw grated wasabi is not what is Be Careful. I always eat wasabi mixed with soft vanilla that are topping this, I’m out the exquisite taste and sweetness of vanilla and coldness and hotness of wasabi flavor is harmony. It is one of the popular products Road Station, this rare soft tourists have visited it also become a holiday incessantly.

○ Wasabizuke processing experience
Experience and can be processed in Wasabizuke Sato “Wasabi Amagi” stand for “Beyond Amagi” Road Station. The products are sold in the store Wasabizuke and various wasabi, in a corner for a fee, you can actually experience Wasabizuke. Processing experience is must be booked at least 3 days before, the trial fee (to be acknowledged in the facility) is $ 1,050. You can look through the glass at any time the state just to visit.

○ souvenirs do wasabi
There are several shops in the “Beyond Amagi” Road Station, has been filled with wasabi product of any specialty products. Of course, there is also the home of producing raw wasabi Izu Amagi, I have for sale at affordable prices. Products are lined up about other types of wasabi, countless Wasabizuke, miso wasabi, wasabi nori, wasabi rice with green tea, ice wasabi, wasabi dressing, horseradish buns, noodles wasabi and wasabi rice crackers. There is also something “wasabi croquette” Some of them also sell leaf-filled croquette Wasabi our local aunt made. Different way station and convenience store, their own local color comes out, but selling is a rare color is regional’re clear about this.

○ “Man boar” specialty Amagi
In Amagi Izu wild boar boar cuisine and products are popular in various regional specialties now. It was responsible for regional tourism village “wild boar” in 1970 presents a lively and shows of wild boar in the Amagi opened, we have closed down in 2008. Boar itself have become a specialty of Amagi even now, I have been selling various products, even “beyond Amagi Station” of the road still. Flag at the station of the road to promote the specialty of “Man boar Amagi specialty” is listed, are sold at the shop. The price is 350 yen including tax and higher, it is likely there is order and specialty. It seems to have been made in the image of the “pot” button of specialty Izu, boar meat ingredients of bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and is packed in a brown fabric. Miso taste is taste, not much different from ordinary 肉まん special habit is not to say that the boar. Speaking of wild boar, sells “boar pork buns” with “Mitomi” Road Station. I am using a meat bun “boar pig” was let Kakeawa a “pig” and “boar”. Also famous because here, I’ll try to eat us if given the chance.

Izu yuba tofu raw grated wasabi Wasabi Wasabi zuke set Amagi

○ dark specialty restaurants Amagi
Dishes are served with a “boar” and “Wasabi” Amagi in specialty “(Grunewald) forest green” restaurant “beyond Amagi” Road Station. It is a restaurant with its own color area of ??the station on the road not experience uniform nationwide family restaurant and a convenience store are out clear. Menu is noodles, donburi, curry, and meal. Pork stewed wild boar meat is used carefully, “udon boar”, “boar ramen”, the “boar pork bowl” is soft and eat normally without smell. In addition, with the wasabi sells books as well as “wasabi rice” and “Udon, Soba Tororo.”

○ More Information

  892-6 Yugashima Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture
  Under investigation
Overview of Facilities
  Showa-no-Mori Forest Information Center village hall, Kindaibungakukan Izu, the forest, an old mansion Yasushi Inoue, green (Grunewald), wasabi Amagi, shop Mom bamboo shoots, green garden Amagi
Opening Hours
  8:30 to 16:30
  Wednesday 3rd
  200 ordinary vehicles, large vehicles nine, six for disabled
  1 hour from I.C Numazu: Tomei Expressway

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Green Garden Amagi Amagi Mountain Range Showa-no-Mori Museum of Modern Literature Izu Forest Information Center
Waterfall of lubricants village boar Amagi Nanadaru 河津 Joren’notaki


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