◎ ROADSIDE STATION Nevala Road Station Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture “Asagirikogen” Road Station

○ “way station” barn-style building nestled in the nature of Asagirikogen
“Asagirikogen” Road Station is a “way station” located on the western flank of the northern part of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, to the “Asagirikogen aka”. Refers to a plateau of around 800-1000 m above sea level, is famous Asagirikogen as one of the leading dairy and livestock area in Japan. It is called “Asagirikogen” from the fact that the fog often hangs over by its unique topography and climate. In Asagirikogen is spreading great wilderness and vast pasture, water and melted snow fresh air was perfectly clear, of Mt. Tucked away in the background of the majestic Mount Fuji in the wilderness like that is a “Asagirikogen” Road Station.

○ access superb facilities along Route 139 highway
“Asagirikogen” Road Station is located at a very easy to use along Route 139 national highway. No. 139 national highway is a road straight through the road to Yamanashi Fuji Fuji west of inter Tomei. Enter in Yamanashi Prefecture, No. 358 national highway exit to Kofu, devotion is from the shore line “Lake Shoji-called” is growing. In addition, a tour of the Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture, I extend to inter Chuo Kawaguchiko. From near Kawaguchiko has also led to Highway 137 national highway leading to the Misaka Pass No. 138 national highway and towards Gotemba, Lake Yamanaka. Located on National Highway No. 139, the “Asagirikogen” Road Station, the place to break the journey or stopover important tourist attractions in Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Nagano Prefecture as well as tourists who aim to Asagirikogen You had to.

○ a great spot to shoot Fuji
“Asagirikogen” Road Station, is a great place to take a picture of Mt. It is also wonderful views of Mount Fuji from across the building near the entrance of the station parking lot, and around the back of the building, you can directly Mukiaeru Fuji and without a shield. In front is, we can only touch spread grassland and forest, and the majestic Mt. You can shoot with the clock tower on the north side of Mount Fuji in the vicinity of other buildings, “Asagirikogen” Road Station, has become the perfect spot for taking a commemorative photo with Mt.

○ “Road Station” facility with a sense of vast open grounds
I’m supposed to build a sense of relief filled with taking advantage of the site that there is only located in the “Asagirikogen” vast wilderness, “Asagirikogen” Road Station, and spacious. In contrast to the urban facilities and packing tightly cramped, you can enjoy a relaxed mood. A fraction of the time first, we come to the parking lot and spacious enters the station of the road from Route 139 national highway, up to stop the car, the scene of the roadside station nestled in the back of Mount Fuji is surrounded by nature the ambient Everyone would have been deprived of their eye. And we can enjoy a moment of rest while enjoying the fresh air of the plateau is in place until the sidewalk from the parking lot and spacious building, because there is a bench.

○ fresh vegetables by popular local producers
One of the biggest attractions of the “Road Station” is a fresh vegetable by the local producers, is no exception in that regard also “Asagirikogen” Road Station. In “Asagirikogen” station of the road, hit the shelves fresh vegetables painstakingly made by local farmers in Fujinomiya each morning. Only fresh vegetables that have been harvested in the morning, it is just something that has been brought directly by the farmer ‘s. Come with a wide variety of species, are arranged and seasonal vegetables crammed. Number of goods is rich, fresh, for conscientious general, is like going on with the corner of the eye up to the station of the road price.

Various vegetables cabbage Fujihon Nameko various vegetables

○ dealing with specialties and Fujinomiya Asagirikogen Corner “exhibit and sell specialty products”
The “corner specialty products on display and for sale” in “Asagirikogen” Road Station, sells specialties such as Asagirikogen and Fujinomiya. In Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a Asagirikogen There are a lot of specialties and industries that take advantage of local climates and Asagirikogen. Of specialties representing the Asagirikogen milk “Asagiri” There are, of course, cooked pigs raised in the highlands have other “homemade ham and sausages.” In addition, there are such as “sushi” mass was cooked to a local sushi chef (Mass) finished goods and raw trout grew up vividly in subsoil water of Mount Fuji “Fuji rainbow trout.” Specialties are specialties in the corner that’s been developed from the local nature of the city of Fujinomiya Asagirikogen many have been sold in this way.

Steelhead trout sushi Fuji ham and sausages handmade milk Asagiri

① popular products “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Brand that will produce milk wilderness Asagirikogen

Milk “Asagiri” items are representative of the “Asagirikogen” Road Station.
In vast areas of pasture Asagirikogen, water melted snow of Mount Fuji, the air clean
It is a concentrated milk was squeezed from cows that have been bred.
Taste that I can not forget once tasted.
Quality hand-picked freshness and good locality boasts precisely because direct sales.
The “corner specialty products”, there are a lot of local specialties and technologies industry has produced along with the other blessings of nature. First, in Fujinomiya There are 4 well-established brewery, there is a “microbrew” was Ikashi the traditional techniques and manufacturing methods, respectively. How to make wine varies from each brewery, you can use the subsoil water is a blessing of any Fuji, creating a tasty sake. Also, take advantage of the climate at the foot of Mt Fuji, there is also a “tea” as an industry unique, Shizuoka Prefecture. Tea plantations spread one side, on the plateau of around 200-300 meters south of the city at the foot of Mt Fuji, Fujinomiya, elevation, have been produced “tea Yabukita of Fuji”. Which is picked by the tea plantation, processing, has been bagged is being sold. Furthermore, the long-standing tradition in the confection of Fujinomiya local crafts, crafts are sold many.

Souvenirs of Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya confectionary confectionary, tea bush north of Fuji sake of Fujinomiya

○ “bring her” specialty “Corner homemade ham and sausage”
Are giving off a remarkably popular in the corner homemade ham and sausage “Asagirikogen” station of the road is the “bring-chan.” In the stew of pig have white, chan “bring”, you can eat as simple as water bath. The same as the “Bon Curry” how to eat, I must warm up for 30 minutes or more unlike, “Bon Curry” But I do hot water per bag. Cumbersome who are so ready to eat and put put in place for 1 hour electric kettle. In the tasting corner, so that also appear chan “bring” often, I find that the taste and try to taste once. In fact, I was talking with a delicious tasting most people were.

② popular products “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Japan’s largest B-class gourmet consecutive Grand Prix 2 B1

Typical specialty Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture boasts the country.
The effect of meal and meat soup of chow mein noodles are chewy characteristics.
Achieved in two consecutive “B1 Grand Prix” of Japan decided to gourmet class B,
Its popularity is growing increasingly.
Has been a staple of any souvenir “Asagirikogen” Road Station.

○ Soft ice cream using milk plateau
In excellent, “soft ice cream”, “ice cream” was used milk plateau has attracted overwhelming support to the tourists in “Asagirikogen” Road Station. Milk “Asagiri” is a raw material of the soft ice is squeezed milk from cows that have been raised in “Asagirikogen” which is a vast wilderness of western foot Mt. Soft ice cream made from milk as a raw material is a grace of its nature, is a gem that comes through in every bite taste the taste of the milk is thick and bite. Ice and soft, etc. station drive-in, SA, of the road, but is a product of standard you’re selling anywhere, using the milk Asagirikogen representing the Asagirikogen is soft ice cream “Asagirikogen” Road Station It is as it was in the best taste.

○ “soft-serve ice cream cowberry” specialty
I want to note among the types of rich Kobo “soft-serve ice cream, ice cream,” the station of the road, and I is the “soft cranberry.” The “bilberry”, a plant that grows in alpine hillside around Fuji originally, wearing a red fruit as small as 5mm in diameter. Sweet and sour taste but the fact that red, elegant taste for sweetness and acidity are well balanced in harmony, has been used in foods such as sweets and alcohol. It is a “soft cream cranberry” is added to the raw material was “bilberry” it. Soft vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and green tea are quite good, “soft cranberry” is rare, it is also one of the specialties of “Asagirikogen” Road Station. Taste of the actual software, not worthy of the name is very delicious specialties. It was impeccable taste to the extent that even without necessarily sour just because you are using the “bilberry”, feel the slight acidity of soft sweetness Japan. There is also “soft mix” was combined with “vanilla” directly enjoy the taste of milk as well as “bilberry”, why not have a taste all means when you come station.

○ relaxing break overlooking the Mt.
In “Asagirikogen” way station, resting on a clear day you can relax while enjoying the Mt. Break in the station facilities in the lobby, you can see through the window in front of Mount Fuji if the weather is good. You can also take a commemorative photo out of course, I also recommend you to pause and drink while relaxing on the couch watching the Fuji was little. Many in the lobby sometimes see tourists taking a break while having drinks, milk, ice cream and soft-fact.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information in the “Information Corner”
In “Information Corner”, you can get around the tourist information Asagirikogen. Well as Road Station, in Asagirikogen that many tourists come from outside the prefecture, it is many leisure facilities type ranch amusement park facilities, experience dairy, drive-in, golf, camping, paragliding school, garden flowers and birds, and hot springs There are tourist facilities. Not only you can get a discount voucher brochures and tourist facilities in them, you can get a detailed tourist information from employees of the “Road Station” terminal and information guide. I count on even when I lost my way have been put up around the map as well, of course, since some employees of the station.

○ “restaurant” on Station Road with an emphasis on materials and taste
Restaurant “Asagirikogen” way station, there seems to authentic cuisine from the menu simple Road Station, has been sticking to any material and taste. So “Road Station”, I feel that a greasy spoon rather than a full-scale restaurant, the taste of the food is exceptional. I have heard that soup firmly udon and soba simple ramen soup is also very tasty. The tool does a lot of grass but also meat and vegetables, “miso soup with pork and vegetables”, also is up to “meal miso soup with pork and vegetables,” so to eat only rice miso soup with pork and vegetables. There are various types of meal, and donburi as well as “steak meal Asagiri” other.

○ “Asagiri special miso soup with pork and vegetables”
There are a lot of restaurants recommended menu “Asagirikogen” way station, the most pressing one among them is “Asagiri special miso soup with pork and vegetables.” There are also plenty of miso soup with pork and vegetables in a representative strain of popular menu restaurant, is also on sale, along with over-the-counter “Asagiri milk” in the cold winter season this meat and vegetables. Uses the pig meat Yoguru Asagiri below, local production of vegetables cabbage, burdock, carrot, radish, etc. are packed. I’m very delicious soup broth is also very listening and say what. There is a “set meal miso soup with pork and vegetables” eat miso soup with pork and vegetables in a meal this seems popular at the restaurant.

○ “Asagiri Yoguru pig pig” brand Asagirikogen
The restaurant, with some pork in the recent sale of “swine Yoguru Asagiri” like “pork cutlet set meal”, “Pork Cutlet”, “bowl” meat. The “pig Yoguru Asagiri” is a pig grow up healthy eating a yogurt-like fermented feed pigs for sale brand Asagirikogen recently been purified using proprietary technology. Just like humans to consume yogurt is good for the body, by eating yogurt (yogurt-like feed) pigs as well, is not it grow up healthy without any disease. Meat of pig “Yoguru” is a very good habit without soft. Even really tried to eat me, I was very delicious tender pork without the habit.

○ General comment: “Road Station” full of charm that will want to come again and again
Why does not lie in “sex 誘客” that will want to come also, if, in a word, dare the appeal of “Asagirikogen” Road Station. Landscape, location, nature It’s not perfect, fresh vegetables arrived daily specialties, milk, and ham and sausage is just a wonderful thing. In addition, such rich menu of restaurants and a thick soft ice cream made with milk, the charm of “Asagirikogen” way station to know all at once is not possible. Thus, no wonder there are many tourists that visit then let’s also, it may be accessed from Highway 139 national highway and high convenience. “Last time because I bought it, this time. Let bought this” “did eat it. Would try to eat the array this time next time” or,, or a charm that I was different station of the road every time you station came I can taste is. “Asagirikogen” Road Station, is a station of such a charming way.

○ Tourist Information around
Around the “Asagirikogen station” There are a lot of tourist facilities of the road by taking advantage of the great outdoors Asagirikogen. With about 500 meters south on Route 139 national highway, some paradise of flowers and a giant owl, the “Kachoen Fuji”. There is a “Paraglider School Asagirikogen” next of Kachoen. In addition, there is a “parking refreshing” when about three kilometers south, has spread a large meadow that can be called the typical location of “Asagirikogen” in the front. View from pasture because this is the best Asagirikogen Speaking of, I spot you will most want to keep looking. Also, if you go south on Route 139, there is a “ranch Makaino” or “drive-in toys.” Also, exiting from Route 71 to Route 75 prefectural road that leads from the signal in the vicinity of mochi and, there is a “Fuji Milk Land” and “Japan Guide Dog Center”.

Featured Products of Asagirikogen “Road Station”
Tea garden Fuji “Fuji” pure rice sake Fujinomiya Yakisoba milk Asagiri
Wilderness of Asagirikogen
Plateau milk that nurtured
B1 Grand Prix victory thick and fresh
Of Zenkokuichi
Fuji B class gourmet brewing production positive
Yamada Nishiki use
Fuji Shizuoka garden production Junmai Daiginjo
Hachijuhachiya knob

○ More Information

  Baoshan 492-14 character Nevala Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 418-0101
Overview of Facilities
  Information ③ ① ④ lobby shop break Corner Restaurant ② (specialty products on display and for sale)
  ⑤ ⑥ workshop corner ice cream vending machine
Opening Hours
  (December to February) 8:00 to 19:00, 8:00 to 18:30 Normal winter
  7 days a week
  Two large 11 units for wheelchair ③ ② ① small 72 units
  Fuji road about 45 minutes west, via Route 139 from inter Tomei Fuji ①
  About 45 minutes via Route 139 from Kawaguchiko Chuo Inter ②

○ map around

I View Larger Map

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Fuji International Hot Spring Garden Asagirikogen 白糸の滝 Asagirikogen
Asagiri “Green Park” SKY
Fuji Milk Land Karishuku Zakura dismounting of “toys” drive-in home field trout trout culture Fuji
Zimbalist Kenashizan Falls Ranch Makaino Tanukiko Fuji holiday village
Hongu Fuji Sengen Taisha wetlands consistent Oda


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