◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic skyline Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, nature (Fuji road round table)

○ road round table Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, total length of 34.5km
Skyline Fuji refers to the road “climbing” until the 5th New Fuji from the first case two Fuji Obuchi Fuji continues to Gohonmatsu Gotemba through the Obuchi Fuji from Yamamiya Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the “road tour” at the foot of Mt Fuji . Gotemba interval but was opened as a toll road section Fujinomiya, in 1970 to 1969, was opened by KHC completely free Shizuoka Prefecture in 1994. Line “park Fuji Gotemba, Shizuoka prefectural road No. 23,” line “park Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefectural road No. 180″ while Fuji Gotemba is “Fuji Park No. 152 Tarobo line Shizuoka prefectural road section” Mountaineering, while Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefectural all three routes I have become.

○ “climbing zone” is closed in winter
Is divided into section “Mountaineering” and “round section” Skyline Fuji, until around the end of April of the following year from the end of November every year, “climbing zone” until the 5th new closed to traffic. This is impassable due to snow, the period will vary slightly depending on the status of snow annually. It usually takes place before the Golden Week holidays each year at the latest release of BLOCKED. Release time nears, the snow is done at a rapid pace in the section “Mountaineering”. Ceremony was held at the entrance to the section “Mountaineering” on the day of release, to celebrate the opening.

○ “car regulation” of summer
Section “Mountaineering” Skyline Fuji is going to ban the traffic of private cars in a certain period of the summer climbing season regulation “car”. Avoid congestion caused by a large number of tourists visit in the summer, climbing, this is due to environmental conservation. Interval “climbing” up to the 5th Fuji new private car can not fly from the eyes of two cases Fuji, during regulation we will not only be able to pass an open tourist bus, taxi, and shuttle bus. You can pass is better to fly a sightseeing bus tour in Large Groups such as climbing, parked in parking lot “several months” water the first two cases, towards the new car is using the “shuttle bus” from there I must go to the 5th. 1,000 yen one, parking fee is required for bus fare separately. Regulatory period in 2011 is as follows, in some cases because they can change, etc. Please check their HP in Shizuoka Prefecture.

○ regulatory period in 2011
5:00 (and holiday Mondays) January 18 – 7:05 pm (Friday) afternoon, July 15
5 pm Sunday, May 24 – 7:05 pm (Friday) afternoon, July 22
5 pm Sunday, March 31 – 7:05 pm (Friday) afternoon, July 29
5:00 (Sunday) – 8:05 pm July (Friday) afternoon on August 5
5 pm Sunday, May 21 – 8:05 pm (Friday) afternoon, August 12
5:00 Sunday, January 28 – 8:05 pm Friday afternoon, August 26

○ “tour interval” is passable all year
Interval “tour” until Nakahata Gotemba is passable all year round from Yamamiya Fuji Fujinomiya skyline. There is no regulation or private cars as winter closed section “Mountaineering”, winter can be tricky because if the first two 1460m above sea level. In the distance becomes a shortcut to exit from Fujinomiya Gotemba, because there is if the road is frozen, I should not attempt to tamper with the pass is safe. There may be the case because of impassable snow If you have a large even if there is equipment such as tires for the winter, be careful enough. It is because there is a very small amount of traffic, especially if the winter, on top of the steep road, hardly leads mobile phone, etc. If there is a breakdown or an accident. I think there is no problem during the summer season are easily discovered many traffic volume, traffic in the winter is better to avoid as much as possible is good.

○ accessible by private car, “the highest point” Japan
Fuji 5th new skyline (as of May 2011) Japan is the highest point at 2400 meters above sea level, just a short private car. Before, it was the highest point of elevation is 2702m Tatamidaira Norikura line No. 84 Nagano prefectural road, of “Skyline Norikura” are regulated car all year from May 2003 to resolve congestion and protect the environment. On the other hand, the 5th of the Yamanashi Fuji Subaru Line is 2300 meters above sea level. By the way, the highest point is 2185m above sea level in the national road No. 299 national highway in the town of Mugikusatoge ear Saku, Nagano Prefecture.

○ The road section “Mountaineering”
We arrived in the “New Fuji 5th” If you climb the section “Mountaineering” of about 13km from the two eyes when Mt. There is a difference in elevation of about 1,000 m to 2,400 m of new 5th eye from an altitude of 1,460 m two cases. From the first two cases is the extent to which a loose curve continues road, followed by intense hairpin curve approaches the 5th. Because it is quite steep on the speed curve because they no longer continue, it takes about 30 minutes for the interval is approximately 13km. You can climb on the bike course in light car, horsepower is not lack of truly undeniable. The air is getting thinner as altitude increases, the car running the engine by burning gasoline is down performance in any way. If you climb on the bike and it seems a small amount of exhaust be expensive.

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

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