◎ SCENIC SPOTS scenic wilderness 5th-mouth Fuji Fujinomiya

○ “climbing Mount Fuji” first challenge!
Late in July 2002, I was challenged to climbing Fuji desire. But it never lived at the foot of Mount Fuji with the years, on their own actually climbed Mt. When I was a child, there are things that climb up to the summit, by piggybacking on Burutoza, from the 5th has her eyes down when 9, it’s actually climbed to the summit from there. I was wearing Trace on to the summit, I am actually did not climb on their own. I was wondering from becoming a member of society, and once I’d like to climb on their own means. So, the summer of two years ago, I became a challenge not to “climbing Mount Fuji” finally.

○ Recommended July and August climbing
So, when we think about when to climb Mount Fuji, limited time comes naturally now. Speaking of Mount Fuji climbing season, it is a short period of summer. There are events Yamabiraki in early July each year, the lodge’s business starts, but two months until full August climbing season is common. I think as long as you Yamabiraki any periods other than that of course is a climb, but I think I recommend July hut that can be relieved when for us in general not a climber is in a pinch is open, in August.

○ Let’s pick a day of good weather in July and August
So, there will be time to July and August of whether climb, it would nice weather but the most important thing for granted. So it might not seem that bad weather at this time of summer, of course try to avoid the day of the typhoon or heavy rain. Above all, if you can climbing on the day of fine weather was perfectly clear cloudless if possible, and you would be best. However, easy to change, because the weather is often different in the ground and also the summit, the mountain weather does not always blessed with good weather even this much attention. I think as much as possible to climb in good weather it is still the best choice.

○ Select the Fujinomiya trail opening familiar
Has been squeezed as much good weather in July and August days, climbers have been thinking of and further narrow mountain trail. It has to do with the way that many climbing Fuji. There are four routes of climbing Mount Fuji “Fujinomiya mouth” and “Subashiri mouth” and “Gotemba mouth”, “mouth-Kawaguchiko Yoshida.” Mouth was Fujinomiya route I chose. I was the reason it was chosen for the shortest path from here, also climbed to the elementary school.

○ “car regulations” Fujinomiya trail
“Fujinomiya mouth” is an “Restrictions car” about 10 days from around 10 August of each year. Be shut out from the entrance opening of the eyes when two Fujinomiya, this period of all private cars will not go until the 5th. At the peak of climbing Mount Fuji, this time overlapping with Bon climbers from all over the country will be flooded. Because of the congestion of too much regulation would have provided a car like this. If you’re thinking about climbing, to avoid this time if you can, but is safe, if you do not meet someone’s convenience really, or you can take the shuttle bus that serves extraordinary from parking eye when two tours and mountain climbing tour bus can.

○ climbing in late July
As a result of consideration of the above circumstances, I decided to climbing in late July this time. Arrived in the 5th Fujinomiya mouth at six in the morning, I went to the trail from the parking lot. There is a parking space that can stop about 500 units, was not hurt in the place. So instead of perfect weather, the day I was bad prospects have also foggy and cloudy in the vicinity of the 5th, it was not rain. There is also the convenience of the holiday, I was dared to climb to the thorough physical condition of the day.

○ to climb the highest peak of Mount Fuji in the equipment of thorough
By the way, I must be equipped with bulletproof because I climb to the highest peak of Mount Fuji in Japan. Even the root opening Fujinomiya trail are in place in a day how much, when and to say how much of the hot weather of summer also, on the summit of Mt 3776m altitude there is a considerable difference between the ground temperature. I must go to prepare enough there is also a permanent snow, playing Fukisusabu wind, mountain weather, so rain may easily change further.
Let me explain what I went then what kind of equipment in the actual. First of all, I am the most important dress. The two, wearing them one on top of another, three pieces, you can wear trainers and Dari off according to the weather and physical condition, he chose the jumper on. And below is the recommended training pants and easy to move. In addition, the shoes climbing shoes is the best shoes, if you can. I does not matter if there is no gym shoes climbing shoes. However, climbing shoes sole is thick, long since covered his ankles, sand and gravel then difficult to enter, in order to twist the foot also difficult, climbing shoes is a good idea if you can. In addition, you are also available for the time of emergency flashlight and gloves.
In addition, always try to carry rain Gappa. Weather in the mountains is really easy to change, even climbed to the top in a sunny morning, could well be in the middle of descent of rain on the way back. The return journey, descent while the rain is wet to the skin then become difficult to move whole body, I caught a cold more than anything. Even supposedly bring an umbrella, is very dangerous because it can not be used hands. These things is the common sense of common sense if better to the climbing, so like are rarely some people in climbing a tourist in the climbing season is not well prepared, let me mention here.

○ water will bring as many as possible
The key to the next dress is food and water. Of particular importance, drinking water. Let’s carry is at least 1 liters. It is best if carried around 2 liters or more, if possible. Has become empty by the time you get to the top even when I climbed fact, while saving a little bit to drink very thirsty. I may be a container water bottle, or it is not what I am good, I like collapsible plastic container or bottle light Considering that from empty. You had better prepare for water I’m good enough this way.

○ The summit is 500 yen one bottle! !
To replenish the water in the middle of climbing, there is no choice but to bring or buy a mountain hut. Quickly lost the less amount of water to bring, not only to buy later. I was surprised, too, when six eye nears the summit, from the 5th and the 7th, the price of the drinks I’ll rise. On the ground of 500ml PET bottle of 150 yen, the summit is also 500 yen. Run out of drinking water on hand in up to the top, I also did not have ginger throat is dry during the descent, I was hesitant to the height of the price of the remainder. Not limited to water, Buy hut is considering the need to raise from the ground, it is of course all high. So, better to have it available on their own is a good idea what you need as much as possible.

○ finish the preparation, start climbing finally
There was no difference in the extraordinary suffering of climbing. I can not afford to go back in the middle of the starting anyway. For me, he had decided can not achieve the objective must climb up to the top, and as long as the condition is not to conquer the summit collapse. An altitude of about 2400m, the summit at 3776m, 5th elevation difference is about 1400m. Mouth Fujinomiya trail is the shortest route, still climbing is extremely harsh. According to the tour guide, about 4 hours, 30 minutes, climbing the downlink is introduced and about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Since this is a measure of a good walker without a break, time is different in each individual course. I took about 10 hours in total in the end. About 5 hours, about 1 hour rest, about 1 hour Ohachimeguri is about 10 hours total of about three hours to climb downlink. 4:00 pm I was leaving at six o’clock in the morning climbing day, and did descent.

○ Embark from “the 5th Fujinomiya mouth”
Let’s say the stroke So climbing in sequence. When I started climbing at 6 in the morning, it took like fog in the 5th photo. It was parked in the parking lot, hikers had to symbolize the popularity of climbing Mount Fuji in quite a few. Seem bus tour, hundreds of climbers had started climbing in unison motorcoach is what cars are coming. Or people who have come in the event of other neighborhood associations, have come in that were many couples and families. It was the crowded, never hurts to many people as I can because I challenge the Mount Fuji in Japan. Even if there is an accident or become ill-health or climbing on the way, if I help comes from the easy call. I began to climb like that should not be borne in mind in such a situation, of course.
After a total of about five and a half hours, I finally arrived to the summit. It is indeed Mount Fuji in Japan. If eye to # 8 is as sweet as a nut arrived, I was hard indeed come around too and if 8 is said Munatsukihatcho eye. The cage was a small break in the first hut when eight, nine eyes when I look ahead now, I have taken nearly an hour when I go up to the fact. By eye is 2,300 meters away, I did not think it would take so long.

I’ve been a Ohachimeguri because it is long-awaited. I took a picture in the “knife-edge” of the highest point among the icecap, the summit. I think because it is such a rare location that does not come Mount Fuji, so it was a really good memory.

Ohachimeguri finished, I started the descent finally in less than an hour after the climb. Climbing but it took five and a half hours, the downlink was ranked three and a half hours. It certainly is easy compared to the climb, I’m pretty tough because it takes weight on the feet and knees at all times. Well say “knee laugh,” it is the very condition for three hours and walk downhill. This time I came down not take much time for a day trip, almost without a break.

Also proceed safely climbing day, I arrived at the 5th Fujinomiya mouth, finally starting point at 4:00 pm.

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