◎ SCENIC SPOTS-wilderness scenic town on the Italian-gun, Nagano Prefecture Takato Takato Castle Park “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival”

○ cherry Tenkaichi, “co-cherry tree which flowers early” in Takato
Speaking of “Takato Sakura”, it is famous enough to be referred to one of the leading Japanese sakura, the cherry blossoms for people who do not know and do not. Cherry tree planting is continued from the Meiji era to Takato Castle became a park, now about 1,500 cherry trees have been planted in and out of the park. Cherry tree itself has been critically acclaimed, also called a thin pink beautiful flowers bloom “cherry Tenkaichi”, in the “hawk Tooko cherry tree which flowers early.” Figure of 1,500 cherry trees that bloom like Tenkaichi fill the park is very best.

○ “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival”, held every year around 4-5
Every year, there is a slight shift of the period by the change in climatic conditions, from early May to around early April every year, “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival” will be held. “Takato small cherry tree which flowers early” in Castle Park are blooming around the end of April to start blooming around the end of March at the earliest, but that depends on the year. When I visited in 2003, I was able to make the best cherry blossoms in full bloom just was April 21. It seems we do not say because there is a change in the flowering time, and visit to reserve your dates, such as sightseeing tours, and you can be sure of the best cherry blossom viewing.

○ More than 300 000 tourists annually
Large number of tourists visit every year to “Cherry Blossom Festival Takato.” I will say during the festival in 2002, about 360 000 tourists who were visiting. Although beyond the number of tourists and visitors every year about one million people in the “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival” in the beauty of the cherry blossoms are not far behind. And highlight the “Sakura first world” “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival” is crowded with numerous tourists every year to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Castle Park ○ to pay “admission fee” at the entrance
Despite the park “Takato Castle Park” is, during the “Cherry Blossom Festival” must pay the admission fee. In 2003 I visited was 500 yen, or it would not be in the same place every year maybe. If you purchase a ticket vending machine was installed at the entrance, you can enter and leave as many times on the day.

Parking is in season FULL state

Castle Park is the site of the original castle because of the Warring States Period, located on a hill-hill difficult to attack, rather than in the plains. I have several parking right outside the Castle Park, during the season of “Cherry Blossom Festival” is nearly FULL state. At first I thought I try to use the parking lot near the entrance of the park, I’ve abandoned much of the congestion. Exit the park near once, when I run around the perimeter, I was able to stop in the parking lot free of riverside degree away 1km.

○ became a battle field military army Oda and Takeda Castle “lofty”
Takeda Shingen to pacified the Shinano, Kai, and employs the Warring States period was called the strongest “Takeda cavalry troops” is his death, 10 years Tensho (1582), Oda Nobunaga had sent a large army in order to wipe out Mr. Takeda . Sent a large army of 50 003 thousand from Ina mouth Shinano was forced to allow the invasion without surgery is done in front of the troops overwhelming urge Takeda. Among them, he continued to persist until the last resistance was less than three thousand soldiers Castle “Shin Sheng Nishina” lords of the castle park. Nishina army was confronted with Oda army with confidence, I have everything in front of the troops to die in battle overwhelming. Takeda is you going to ruin after, “Takato Castle War” has been handed down as a decisive battle still like to symbolize the destruction of the Takeda clan.

○ As the name of the “Castle Park”, leaving only traces of the castle
Became a battle ground Oda, Takeda army also “Takato Castle”, the domain system was abolished during the Meiji Period and the Warring States Period will, and, during the Edo period, no longer have vestiges of the castle. We will be following and cherry tree planting in ruins, it became like this consisting of about 1,500 cherry trees will increase the current one and two.

○ “cherry tree which flowers early Tooko hawk” in full bloom
Cherry Blossom Festival lasts for about 1 month, time to see the cherry blossoms are the best so I do not have long. A week or at most, what place two weeks long. When I visited it was just the best time of full bloom, flowering to check the status of the city many times in HP Takato, it will not be because the other was considering a visit date as well. Is recommended because it is published in real time the status of flowering cherry Takato Castle Park in the HP of the town, if you make it to the dates have to adjust the visit date in consultation with flowering situation. A visit to the time of full bloom, you can look at the cherry blossoms in the park as far as the eye can see.

○ More Information

  Takato town on the Italian gun, Nagano Prefecture
  (Takato-machi tourism organizations) 0265-94-2552
  http://www.town.takato.nagano.jp/ (home town Takato)
  Elementary and junior high school students 250 yen 500 yen
  I far and there is free on both a la carte ※ about 400 units
  \ 700 passenger cars per day Parking: Municipal Takato: ① Pay
Holding time
  “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival” Date: April 03, May 3-5 (2004)
  About 1 hour stop Suwa Chuo Inter ①, on Route 152
  Take about 35 minutes Ina Inter Chuo ②, on Route 361
  Cherry blossom time, I of course vary from year to year.
  By, for example, contact the Tourist Association of the town-hall and HP Takato,
  Let me know the time of full bloom.

○ map around

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