◎ SCENIC SPOTS-wilderness scenic village Mitomi county Higashiyamanashi Nishizawa Valley, Yamanashi Prefecture

○ attractions where you can watch one of the most beautiful valleys in the country
“Nishizawa Valley” is said to boast one of the most beautiful valleys in Japan, the last unexplored region Okuchichibu is for people who enjoy hiking valley is a place where I would like you to visit without fail. Located in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, at the northern end of Yamanashi Prefecture, is just left untouched wilderness. Sidewalk valley is less risk have been developed, but I need to be careful because the road to the pristine hiking. However, you can be direct, up close and feel the nature of the valley, enjoy the beauty of the best valley.

○ near the “Mitomi” way station in front of the “tunnel Karisaka”
To “Nishizawa Valley” at the northern end of Yamanashi Prefecture, and arrived Makioka through town, the village Mitomi up north on Route 140 highway. To north on Route 140 national highway passing through National Highway No. 20, No. 411 national highway down the inter Katsunuma Chuo, or head towards north on Route 140 highway Isawa first is easy to understand. On the way, I think it may even stop by to try to go back in because there is a hiking trail hot springs and more than one station.

○ 3-4 hour turnaround time, full-fledged hiking distance of about 13km
There are few places in the guide plate of the “entrance Nishizawa Valley” past “Mitomi” Road Station. The entrance, and parked the car in the “parking Son’ei” is the start of the hike finally Nishizawa Valley. Approximately 13km in length, the round-trip course is the most attractive valley to “kettle Godan’notaki” Seven takes about three to four hours depending on the pace of everybody. It would place less than an hour and up 3 good walker youth, elderly might take more than four hours. Regardless of the time of course, because it is hiking to enjoy the beauty of the valley, not to mention that the pace may be walking by each person, in each group.

○ walking promenade of the valley, the returning forward path forest trail track trail Dolly
Now, walk the promenade along the valley to enjoy plenty of the charm of the valley, hiking trails general “Nishizawa Valley” is going way back, a easy walk to walk the roads wider “track forest trail.” Although it may not go in reverse, so quite dangerous valley promenade has many places of the scaffold unstable slopes and steep, and go down the valley on the way back, I can not really recommend. In addition, also in mood, the way back you wanted to walk safely to the valley slowly enjoying earlier I would not be natural.

○ across the suspension bridge, which is surrounded by greenery, the start of the walk valley
“Suspension Futatsumata first” valley will see past the sign at the entrance to the valley, some time down the road and flat. I walked to the left while watching the Fuefukigawa, I finally cross the bridge towards the opposite shore. From here, you can walk and enjoy a variety of large and small waterfalls, such as “stop waterfall of fish”, “Okubo Falls” Waterfall “triple”, the rock formations rock blowfish, and Face-dong.

○ walk the valley of astonishment, “you really walk in a place like this?”
Walking promenade valley was a series of surprise exactly. There is nothing particularly dangerous ground calmly walk sure, I was just surprised by the steepness of the road. It was a feeling rather than a “promenade along the valley”, and “walk in the valley.” In particular, in the middle around the valley road, and walked carefully to rely on the iron chains that were driven into the river a place like I have the right road.

○ steep valley road exposed rocky
Not only dangerous place to walk along the river, there was also road rock slope steep valley on the road. I visited, but it was early morning hours of May, have drizzle Unfortunately, it was easier to slip footing. If there is no problem to carefully walk the feet, on a steep slope like this I used a particular attention. Scaffolding is bad because I think even if it is not raining, of course, for those who are planning to hike and now I would like you to pay attention.

○ “Godan’notaki kettle” Seven biggest attractions Nishizawa Valley
After about two hours, is also the largest attractions Nishizawa Valley finally begin to walk the valley, also a turning point arrived in the “kettle Godan’notaki” Seven. First of all, the “seven Godan’notaki kettle”, named after a waterfall that flows into the stepped across five stages of 50m length with reservoir water from the upstream edge of the seven. Nishizawa Valley has attractions for the entire course, but do not forget the excitement, even temporary, when you get to the attractions of this maximum, the best was still impressed. Even more than the beauty of the surrounding greenery, how the flow of water running down Fuefukigawa stained dark green with waterfalls and the edge becomes violently was no doubt that it has captivated our hearts.

○ way back walks were developed to “trace track” Forest
Enjoyed the “pot Godan’notaki” Seven, I walk the return to “track forest trail” finally. Once is not difficult if you come up here. “After orbit forest” is the likely had been used as a “track dolly” originally. But is now being carried out, in the old days, it seems to have been carried out for the way the wood harvested in the hinterland valleys. So, it may have been used as an industrial road, the road has been developed extensively without chokepoints. You can walk in the mood for light hiking slowly return in why. I think if you walk normally, and go back to the entrance of the valley if you have about an hour and a half.

○ OVERALL: Valley of Japan’s leading beauty
As is said to be the last unexplored region Okuchichibu, “Nishizawa Valley” remains untouched wilderness, the beauty of the natural environment of the valley that deserve high praise. If you are interested in hiking, even a little, I’m definitely things that I would like you to visit. Feel, rather than say the valley walk on the promenade, and actually walk the sidewalk along the valley, and walk a pathless road in the valley, you can experience the beauty of the best valley. It is amazing waterfalls and river forest brink, fresh air, a number of surrounding, clear emerald green cold, on every count. A visit to the timing of the season and a fresh green foliage, will no doubt see the beauty that is more beautiful valley. However, I feel like we have to introduce, because the valley road quite steep, and I would like you to pay close attention to your feet I have to fix.

○ Tourist Information around
“Nishizawa Valley” is to come out from Saitama Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture, as the general national highway in front of the “tunnel Karisaka” Japan’s longest. With a total length of 6,625 m, the tunnel Karisaka car is usually the toll road toll of 710 yen. I think but I can not because it is a tunnel of tourism, and may pass through the mountain tunnel in Japan if the opportunity arises. In addition, there is “Mitomi Road Station (Mitomi)” in front of the valley Nishizawa, not only diet, rest, you can also buy local products. Introduction and “boar pork buns” using “pig boar ramen” and “boar pig” of specialty, you will be able to use the fruits of grape wine and local produce. There is a “dumb Hirose” in front of the station of the road, you can be a beautiful view of the mountains and beyond dam while traveling on Route 140 highway. In some places you can see the scenery colored red, to the time of autumnal leaves is very great view.

○ More Information

  Mitomi gun, Yamanashi Prefecture village Higashiyamanashi
  (Tourism Division Planning village Mitomi) 0553-39-2121
  Http://www.vill.mitomi.yamanashi.jp/html/index.html home village Mitomi
  Son’ei parking lot at the entrance valley
  Ichinomiya-Misaka IC IC or from Chuo Expressway south Kofu ①
  Isawa headed towards, the north on Route 140 highway, tunnel front Karisaka
  National Highway No. 20, County Road No. 34 from Chuo IC Katsunuma ②,
  Highway 140 northward No. 411 National Highway No. 38 prefectural road, highway, tunnel front Karisaka
  At home village Mitomi the “Guided Mapping of Nishizawa Valley”
  You can browse and download. Please be sure to take a look.

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Shingen temple hall light tunnel emission of hot water Karisaka Piper Dam Hirose “Mitomi” Road Station
Health Spa Daibosatsutoge Isawa Onsen Yamagata Museum Erinji large hot water of the bodhisattva Kawaura


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