◎ TOURIST FACILITIES Gotemba Premium Outlets

address:  Fukasawa, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ A Huge Shopping Mall Scale Comparable to Western

“Gotemba Premium Outlet” is a major shopping mall where the shops you can buy cheap brand products in the world are brought together. There are about 210 shops and restaurants and is a popular brand shop. It was opened in July 2000,  made a renewal of store expansion in 2003 and 2008. It is on the scale of 210 stores by the end of 2008. There are more than 3,000 parking spaces, a vast site that is the size of a large shopping mall in the United States. It is especially recommended spot for anyone from couples to women’s groups. Transportation is so good because it is just around the corner from the inter Tomei Gotemba, there are also many visitors from outside the prefecture.

○ East Zone & West Zone

Across the bridge of the center of the site, Gotemba Premium Outlets is divided into West Zone and East Zone. There are brand shops in each zone, and there is the food court eateries are collected (#1680 Food Bazaar) in the East Zone.  

○ Absolutely recommended for women who love brands

Because it is “outlet” items literally, Gotemba Premium Outlet mall is recommended if the woman absolutely love the brand. Since we are selling discount from the regular price of products or non-standard, or so-called mean some scratches, there is a feeling that you get. Indeed, there is no doubt that the products are real brands, although they are products in translation. It is recommended if you don’t adhere to the 100% quality of the products.
However, it is not deniable that those who are not necessarily interested in branded goods could be unsatisfied with the site, although the products themselves are valuable. It would be all day shopping for the women who love brand products, but it would be a boring time for those who are not interested in brand at all. Of course, all of 210 stores is not a brand shop, it would be a good idea to eat at restaurants and look around grocery stores, even if there is no interest in the brand.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Gotemba Toki no Sumika, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Roadside Station Subashiri, Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Sky Tree Forest), Gotemba Wasabi no Sato (Village of Green Horseradish), Otainai Onsen (Hot Spring), Gotemba City Onsen Kaikan (Hot Spring), Tenkei Onsen, Fuji Hakkei Onsen, Fuji Speedway

○ map around

◎ Tourist Facilities: Fujisan Gotemba Jukuu no Mori (Mt. Fuji Gotemba Sky Tree Forest)

address: Inno, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

○ “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” Gotemba Resort Fuji Township

The official name of “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is “Gotemba City Mt. Fuji Exchange Center”, created as a new tourist hub in Gotemba for the purpose of “community revitalization”, “exchange with the Self-Defense Forces” and “dissemination of information on Mount Fuji.” There are various facilities as a theme park where you can play, learn and be healed. The “Play” facilities are “Marubi dome,” the vast grassy square “Friendship Square,” the wading square “Mizuno Hiroba,” the hill that ha a slider and athletics “Adventure Hill.”

 The “Learn” facility is the “theater sky” in the visitor center, where you can see the four seasons and the scenery of Mount Fuji. In addition, there are the “Learn” facilities where you will be healed both physically and mentally in the bounty of nature. You can enjoy cherry blossoms at the promenade of cherry blossoms, autumn leaves while listening to the sound of a stream at the footpath of autumn leaves, and enjoy seasonal flowers at the hill of seasons.

○ Self-Defense Forces and local residents promote exchange business

Of the total construction cost of 2.5 billion yen, 1.6 billion yen was funded by grants from the Ministry of Defense for “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” with the site of 106,000 square meters. There are “Fuji School of Self Defense Forces” and “Fuji Garrison of Self Defense Forces” in Gotemba City,Shizuoka, and therefore the city has received financial assistance from the Self-Defense Forces. You can be familiar with the SDF in the city.

○ “Visitor Center,” a fun place to learn Mt. Fuji

Seeing Mt. Fuji in front of you, you can learn the nature and the history of Mt. Fuji at the “Visitor Center.” In the center, there are “Gotemba & Mt. Fuji Sky Scape,”Scenery Theater, Eternal Mt. Fuji,” “Time Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” “Grand  Scape – Mt. Fuji is alive,” and the maxium points of interest “Fuji Foothills Three-Dimensional Screen – Mt. Fuji, an independent peak.” In the Fuji Foothills screen, so-called “Sky Theater,” the four seasons of Mount Fuji is reproduced by video projection to the six meter diameter three-dimensional model of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding. You can look down Mount Fuji and the surrounding area through the CG three-dimensional model. You can feel as if you’re above clouds in the sky. You have to pay for the theater, though, 300 yen for adults, 150 yen for elementary and junior high school students. A mysterious view of Mt. Fuji. It’s worth a look, at least one time.

○ Self-Defense Force helicopter exhibition

In the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori,” there is the exhibition of the Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1H helicopter. The following is excerpt from the description exhibition.
The helicopter of the GSDF, UH-1 Helicopter, is equipped with and used by the Ground Self-Defense Forces, as the helicopter of vertile performing duties such as contact conductor and air transport. The UH-1 is an improved version of UH-1B, which the GSDF started to get from the fiscal year of 1973, and the GSDF purchased 133 helicoptors in total. The helicopter exhibited was introduced in 1988 and used by the GSDF nationwide, and was made obsolete in 2009 after it finished its mission at Eastern Direction Fleet in Tachikawa, Tokyo. (abbreviation below)” Fujisan Jukuu no Mori (Forest of the Sky Tree)” is the facility that aims to promote the exchange of local residents and the Self-Defense Forces, and therefore it is the reason the helicopter is exhibited for people to feel closer to the Self-Defense Forces. A sneak preview of helicopter is held a few times a year at the Jukuu-no-Mori. You can be taken on board in the sneak preview inside the helicopter. Your heart must dance if you get into the helicopter, the length 17.39m, the overall width 3.95m, crew capacity two pilots and eleven passengers. In the sneak preview, free tickets will be distributed before the opening hours, and you can sneak preview at boarding for a few minutes about two pair. You would like to join the sneak preview that you can feel close to the internal state of the cockpit, it may be difficult to get a chance so that there are only a few tickets and it is held only a few times a year. Of course, without the preview, you can enjoy the view of the helicopter. Taste the force of the power!

○ The Corner of Gotemba local products


Threre is “the Corner of Gotemba Local Products, ” which sells some specialties of Gotemba and Fuji foothills, on the first floor of the Fujisan Jukuu no Mori. The corner is lined with many products related to Mt. Fuji such as Mt. Fuji Baum, Mt. Fuji Crunch, Mt. Fuji Rock, Mt. Fuji Sable. In the corner, as local products, “Gotemba Tofu,” “Picked Wasabi”of Yamamoto Food Co., Ltd. and “Dried Jelly of Toraya” are sold. Also, There are the goods of the image charachter of the facility, “Jukuu-chan,” such as Baumkuchen, magnet and strap. Speaking of local prodcuts, there is a farmer’s market in the back corner, which sells local vegetables freshly caught and side dishes made by local people.

○ Self-Defense Forces of goods sold

One of the highlights of the shop at “Fuji Jukuu no Mori” is the sales of the goods of “Self-Defense Forces.” Because this facility was built for the local population and to promote exchange of the Self-Defense Forces, it sells the Goods “SDF” as part of this effort. An eye-catching product is nothing more than “T-shirt,” although some camouflage clothes and models of tanks are sold.

You must be laughed at the T-shirts that the following words are printed on, such as “Shoot me, if you can!” and “I’ll protect. I’ll protect you!” The T-shirts invite a playful and make you feel to buy them. You could also say, “Where on earth do I wear this camouflage poncho for rain gear?”, which is sold at the shop.

 You need courage to do the like in the city looking to neither SDF, is likely to be a problem if the material outdoors because it is firm. It is a popular corner just fun to watch, they stop carelessly.

○ “Jukuu no Mori” Restaurant


There is “Jukuu no Mori” restaurant on the second floor of the visitor center. It is a western restaurant, and the menu may include several types of curry and spaghetti. The “Jukuu no Mori Curry” is served with salad with vegetable produced in Gotemba Kogen (800 yen including tax). In addition, “Mt. Fuji Lava Curry (900 yen including tax)” is a spicy curry like magma.

Satisfaction is a dish that uses lots of plateau tomatoes “(900 yen including tax) and tomato spaghetti. There is not only the meal but  “daily coffee and cake set (600 yen including tax) “, you can enjoy an elegant tea time.

○ “Adventure Hill,” playground for children


“Adventure Hill” in the “Fujisan Jukuu no Mori” is a children’s playground with a lot of play equipment from athletics to sliders.”Roller slider,” the slider of 50m length, lets you taste the exhilaration under natural wind and suddenly slip down the hillside. In addition, children will be excited at the “Hopping Land” where they can jump up and down on a large ball freely.In addition, it is the perfect “Challenge Course” aims to support your sense of balance over the hill to conquer each step Athletic, Balance Beam, and giraffe climbing.

There is also “Panorama Curse” where you can enjoy climbing and jungle gym without getting bored.

There are the step log for infants, the mountain of Amida, the Prime Tree House,  Pyon Pyon Land, “Pen Pen” and “Piyo Piyo,” all of which is the amusement place for children.

 It is wonderful to play free with these playground equipment surrounded by such a lot of open space.

○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Mt. Fuji 5th Stage Subashiri, Fuji Speedway, Fuji Cemetery, Mt. Fuji Onsen (Hot Spring) “Tenkei,” Roadside Station Subashiri, Gotemba Sport Garden, Roadside Station Fujioyama, Ashigara Pass & Ashigara Barrier, Gotemba Kogen Beer, Gotemba Premium Outlet, Fujimi Center “Yuttari Yu” (Spa), Gotemba Peace Park

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 Tourist Facilities: Drive-in Mochiya, Inokashira, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN


(Inokashira Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Tourist Facilities HOME> “toys”> drive-in (Shizuoka)

● “toys” origin of “toys”

“Toys” was originally opened as “toys” in 1972. Selling fresh mochi with since, specialty tourism degree, which is said to “horses for courses” and has been popular as a souvenir. Among the times we move on, continue to protect old-fashioned recipe, the taste of the tradition, I’m still provides the rice cakes Tsukitate. Had been operating as “toys” in “toys” its inception, and now we are open as a “drive-in” “with a variety of leisure facilities. Still became a drive-in with a range of facilities, “horses for courses” a large number of tourists visit the mercenary rice cakes “toys”, without any sign of the lost.
● Tsukitate taste the rice cake

Is “mochi” is we keep selling as well as the current flagship product at the origin of the “toys”. Are sold to “rice cake flour”, “wholesale rice cake”, “jealousy” of Tsukitate mochi is at the entrance of the toys. I’m very delicious rice cakes Tsukitate unique production and direct sales to eat on the spot. Also sells “Daifuku” grass-filled wormwood others.

● “mochi or amusement” If one day you can enjoy with children

There is a vast amusement park, the site, which is also 80 000 2,000 ha, you can enjoy a day if the children. Starting with the huge horse has also become a symbol of the amusement park, there are a lot of slides and a children’s play equipment, swings, jungle gym, etc.. In addition, because there is movement square, if you can play a variety of sports equipment to bring. Amusement park in the grass is so has been laid, even a small child can play with confidence. A visit with a lunch with their families, eat lunch together on the grass family, you will have to play one day. In fact, “or amusement mochi” is as frequently used as a land excursion kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school, he shows the height of its popularity.

● to love bike “motorcycle hall” unbearable

The “toys” has “motorcycle hall” was justified many bikes in Japan and overseas. Bike lovers bike is dying Rare is exhibited approximately 160 units. The table lists the collection of treasured the owner of “toys” favorite bike has collected and crammed. Overall, there are many old cars many years ago, some famous BMW, and Harley still and YAMAHA. Including “Triumph” j of year made (1919) 1919 of nearly 100 years ago, in the old one for some military sidecar BMW made (1935), made in 1979 and 1935 Harley-Davidson. I think “Mr. Fuji” Although I can not explain any more out of touch with the bike so, and it is worth a look for persons and families who love bikes.

● Tourist Information around

To “Asagirikogen” of “toys” drive-in there are many tourist attractions. If you go south on Route 139 national highway, because there is a “ranch Makaino” will have to play one day if both families. Furthermore, since there is a “白糸の滝” appear to be a natural monument No. 414 County Road, I want you to visit the beauty of the falls up close the nation’s leading us. In addition, there is a paradise of flowers and owls, and “Fuji Kachoen” If the north on Route 139 national highway, etc. There is also a “way station Asagirikogen” selling local products and vegetables, is a region of attraction jostling.



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Featured Products of Asagirikogen
100% whole milk set yoghurt trial pack ranch dip Soga rare cheese cake milk Asagiri
Wilderness of Asagirikogen
Plateau milk that nurtured
Rich and famous fresh Fuji
The Soga brothers
Of “ranch Makaino” pickles that I was named after
Handmade Mirukurea
+ Yogurt + milk cheese cheesecake
+ Sausage
100% freshly squeezed raw milk early morning trial pack whole ranch
Using fresh yogurt


〒 418-0108
Ohata 1217 characters Inokashira Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel 0544-52-0202
Overview of Facilities

Drive-in process ① ② Japanese
③ ④ motorcycle hall souvenir shop
Amusement restaurants for groups ⑤ ⑥
⑦ ⑧ Camp Field athletic field
⑨ floating restaurant
Usage fee
Common to the entire
Amusement (・
Athletic Field

(Junior high school students and older) \ 500
Children 300 yen (elementary school)
\ 200 kindergartners
※ There is also a group discount
9:00 to 18:00 hours
. (Restaurant 10:00. ~ 17:30)
① large buses and 30 parking a day, 7 days a week,
320 passenger cars ②,
③ 50 cars motorcycles
About 50 minutes from Kofu Minami Inter ① transportation access URL http://www.mochiya.co.jp
About 50 minutes from Kawaguchiko Inter ②
About 30 minutes from Tomei Fuji Inter ③
(Brochure “toys” origin)


Fuji Milk Land Fuji International Garden 白糸の滝 “Asagirikogen” Road Station
Wetlands consistent Oda Kenashizan Tanukiko ranch Makaino
Tokai Nature Trail Waterfall Zimbalist Hongu Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha


◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities Ooka Numazu Numazu Station Road Gourmet

○ “Izu” small shopping centers and restaurants of the theme
“Gourmet Numazu Station Road” is a huge shopping center and the new restaurant has just opened in September 2004. Conveniently located just 1.2km from the inter Tomei Numazu, large-scale facility is also widely parking. The “gourmet specialty” Izu, including seafood from around the Izu, Izu specialty of every thing Japanese horseradish, pickles, and sweets are sold. In the “places to eat seafood,” Izu, dishes made with seafood and vegetables fresh in Izu landed from Numazu port. In opened on the theme of “Izu” small “Thus gourmet Numazu Station Road”, you will be able to purchase those goods or food of Izu.

○ The rich assortment wide counter space gourmet “specialty” Izu
There is only opened on the theme of “small Izu is here”, is a series of surprise to a rich assortment of size and scale of the “gourmet specialty” Izu. The facility belongs to the class of souvenir dealer, it is the atmosphere of being in the basement of a department store though. Countless products on the sales floor space you can afford, even if several hundred people visit at once has been on display. Vast counter space is divided into some corner of each type of product, such as the Izu seafood unique “corner grocery store”, “pickle shop”, “dried fish shop”, wasabi famous Amagi Izu ya “wasabi” dealing with, and even up to ya “North Sea” to sell seafood straight from Hokkaido why.

Natural wasabi tsukudani of string

○ many unique souvenir shop selling sweets
Gourmet “specialty” Izu, sales of marine products is primarily seem Izu that is surrounded by the sea, has been sold many souvenirs such as cookies and confectionery classic bun your course. Seafood is the perfect souvenir of Izu, souvenir sweets come in handy if you want to take home a souvenir or something is simple or if you are concerned about or can not be passed immediately. Since there are many reasonably priced delicious sweets of course, it is also the gift that no way inferior to seafood. Confectionery wide variety of buns, cookies, candy, crackers, rice cakes, and cakes are on display, is located at a loss which to choose.

○ “station” neither station “town” even “Road Station”
It is named as “station”, and “gourmet Numazu Station Road”, nor is it “station of the town” even “way station” actually. Has been described as “way station” and suddenly see, but if you look closely, read the “station” in “gourmet Numazu Road” is like reading is correct. There is no perfect be referred to as a “way station” even scale idea, certainly in facility. However, even if the “station of the city,” also “Road Station”, than the splendor and scale facility, it is called a “station of the city” or “way station” in terms of a functional is rather common. I facility must fulfill its function as a “station of the town” or “way station” even just how wonderful. “Road Station” is the resting place of long distance drivers and tourists, toilet, information, and original features such as regional development. On the other hand, the “station of the city” to promote the urban development of the region, there is a need for functionality that is exchange hub connecting the town around. “Read Numazu Station Road”, which is also functionally away meets some criteria, nor is it “station” which in practice.

○ numerous passengers in the hotel, “Hot water of Manyo”
To “gourmet Numazu Station Road” is “yu Manyo Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu has to offer. It is open from six months ago, “Station Road Gourmet” is “yu Manyo”, it is also introduced in this website. Description of “Yu Manyo” The yield on a separate page, Notably, the synergistic effect of that is to be expected as a tourist destination by the two facilities have to offer. As a dealer of tourist souvenirs outside the prefecture, “Station Road Gourmet” is “yu Manyo” on the other hand can be expected to attract as leisure and entertainment facilities for tourists. I think if there are several tourist facilities in the same location, and then attract a higher rate is useful. I think just because it was still open just two facilities, and how we would like to focus on the development and future trends.

○ OVERALL: If you buy a souvenir of “Izu Numazu Station Road Gourmet”
“Gourmet Numazu Station Road” takes care to meet the expectations of tourists in an assortment of counter space and a wealth of unprecedented scale. Because with store large parking dedicated bus, places to eat and even many seats, not only individual customers, has become a facility that can accept a large number of customer groups, such as sightseeing tours. Concern for operating costs will be too large in scale, continue taking advantage of the scale of the On the other hand, if you open a souvenir shop, places to eat for Large Groups excursion, such as hot springs tour continuously I think I will continue to develop. Anyway, I’m glad you can buy the items you like from any Large Groups in any individual travelers, rich assortment of stores in one. If you are thinking that after the Izu souvenir, why not you visited once by all means try.

○ More Information

  1208-1 Okamiya Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture 〒 410-0011
  Http://www.gourmetclub.co.jp/: “Station Road Gourmet Numazu” ①
  Http://www.fuji.ne.jp/ ~ gourmet /: “Road Gourmet Numazu” ②
Overview of Facilities
  ⑫ hairdresser punished ya ya Beihai ⑪ Manjuya ⑤ ⑥ pickles dried fish shop confectionery processing ⑩ ⑨ ④ Square children ⑮ grocery store ya ya delicacy wasabi ③ ⑧ treatment rest treatment ⑭ special events ② ⑦ places to eat grocery store ⑬ medicine ①
Opening Hours
  8:00 to 19:00 (Food court: 9:00 to 19:00)
  7 days a week
  ② ① passenger bus 24 to 250 units
  Down the Tomei Expressway Numazu IC ①, wire inter Numazu Numazu IC towards Route 1 1.2km ② straight

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

  ・ “Manyo no Yu Onsen” Yugawara-Numazu

◎ TOURIST FACILITIES tourist facilities Nevala Kachoen Fuji Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

○ paradise of flowers that you feel like I went to heaven
In 8,000 square meters, 2,400 square meters of greenhouse giant, attractions Asagirikogen is begonia flower, fuchsia bloom all year round in more than 10 000 shares. It was opened in 1990 as the “International Garden Fuji”, I was renamed to the current “Kachoen Fuji” in 2008. The entire facility has become a huge greenhouse, the environmental control of temperature and humidity management computer of the latest equipment, we are opened all year round to grow begonia native of tropical and sub-tropical, and fuchsia. In the world of flowers as far as the eye can see, in a greenhouse is ethereal beauty. Begonia varieties as well as traditional varieties are also cultivated its own garden has been improved, the exhibition has grown 1,300 1,000 species species begonia, fuchsia. Aligned in a greenhouse even more than varieties, and colorful white, yellow, red, peach, orange and I am a really clean. We are also being raised over than 200 owl feather, and thoroughly enjoy watching, too. In recent years we have also bred tropical fish and emus, parrots and, I do not see you everyday Fureaeru rare flora and fauna.

○ tea garden in the huge greenhouse
In a huge all-weather greenhouse “Kachoen Fuji” There is a coffee shop that can be snack-break. But does not go as far as a full-fledged restaurant, you can eat “and Begonia soft”, “fuchsia” soft flagship product of something hot topic “Fujinomiya yakisoba.” Eat in greenhouse surrounded by beautiful flowers around the mood is very good. Flowers are placed on the head of beautiful table seats, we can enjoy a meal while admiring the elegant flower.

○ “owl show popular”
Twice a day, has been held in a greenhouse in a show of owl “Kachoen Fuji”. It is not that wild owl to get used to people, flowers and birds in the garden is a show we are to train the owl was raised from chicks. The show was held in the square there is a tea garden, you can see the sights of the owl flying or walking by the trainer. Show Because you may or may not be performed due to circumstances and health status of the owl, and make sure the property directly or HP.

○ Kachoen five management groups Kamo
In 1990 “Kachoen Fuji” was opened in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture as “Garden International Fuji”, originally one of the theme parks of group Kamo Mr. Motoaki duck in 1957 opened the “iris garden Kamo” is one. Mr. Motoaki Kamo is poised to “show Kamo” mansion in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture village headman of village headman in families that follow from the Momoyama period. Began to grow irises around the show is a home at the beginning of the Kamo “Kamo Iris Garden”, about 1,500 species per hectare, iris of one million shares are grown. Then, I have realized as Kachoen around a passion for flowers and birds. In 1990, “Fuji International Garden” (Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture), in 2001, “Matsue Vogel Park” (Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture), in 2003 “Kachoen Kakegawa” (Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture), in 2006, “Kobe It opened Kachoen “the (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture).

○ try to use various discount deals
Adults (Junior high school students and older) \ 1,050 including tax, Children (elementary school only) entrance fee of “Kachoen Fuji” is 525 yen including tax, you can use a variety of discounts. I have of course discount (over 65) discount disabilities, senior, has been distributing discount coupons but tourist accommodation facility nearby. \ 1,050 or \ 950 if you use the coupon, I will be about 1 discount admission according to the classification. In addition, you can purchase tickets at a discount similar to the “advance vouchers” in the service of a dedicated terminal ticket at a convenience store. You redeem me and be presented to the acceptance of admission ticket Kachoen tickets you have purchased. Voucher is required to be careful because you can not cancel or refund, you can feel free to use the discount.

○ Tourist Information around
“Kachoen Fuji” is located in Fujinomiya Asagirikogen-rich tourism resources, there are a lot of spots around recommendations. There is a “Paraglider School Asagirikogen” right opposite the Route 139 just across the road, you can feel free to experience paragliding tours and even a beginner. If the No. 139 national highway 500 meters further north, there is a “Asagirikogen Road Station”, you can buy local produce and specialties. If you want to take a picture of Asagirikogen, if you go south on Route 139 about two kilometers, a large meadow on the east side so we see, it is a good idea to park near to the shooting of “parking” refreshing. Asagirikogen unique experience such as “milking cow” If I want to, I recommend the “ranch Makaino” and “Fuji Milk Land.” Of course, I am also not be removed sights “白糸の滝” natural monument.

○ More Information

  480-1 Nevala Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening Hours
  9:00 to 16:30 (Mon 12-3 is ~ 16:00)
  A day, seven days a week
Usage fee
  Adult entrance fee 1050 yen, Children 525 yen (elementary school)
  (20% off Free infant elderly, people with disabilities over the age of 65)
  Under investigation

○ map around

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○ Surrounding tourism area’s information

Asagiri Asagirikogen Hartland Road Station 白糸の滝 Asagirikogen
Onsen Asagirikogen
Fuji Asagiri Asagiri refreshing parking place trout culture “Green Park” SKY
Asagiri Arena Tanukiko “toys” drive-in house of trout
Fuji Makaino ranch holiday village Zakura Shimouma Land of Milk Karishuku Fuji
Hongu Fuji Sengen Taisha wetlands consistent Oda Falls Zimbalist Kenashizan